Conferencing on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices - FAQs

What is OmniJoin for iOS and Android?

OmniJoin for iOS® and OmniJoin for Android™ are web and video conferencing applications for Apple and Android-based mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

How much does it cost?

It is free to OmniJoin customers and their online meeting attendees.

How do I get it?

You can get OmniJoin mobile applications from the Apple® iTunes® and Google® Play™ online stores.

Visit us on the App Store to download the app today.Visit us on the App Store to download the app today.

What features does it have?

You can start and join meetings from your iOS and Android mobile devices. Once you are in an online meeting you can view and manipulate the participant list, invite more people, and run your meeting with VoIP and telephone audio, multipoint video, and viewing document and presentation sharing. If you are an advanced iOS user you can also create and schedule meetings, take a picture and share it from your camera roll, and present and share presentations, documents, whiteboards, and media files (movies) while in your meeting room.

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How many people videos can I see?

OmniJoin mobile users can see up to four simultaneous videos. It will default to displaying the first four videos, thereafter mobile users can select the videos they wish to see.

Can I use VoIP audio?

Yes, you can select VoIP audio.

Can I use telephone audio?

Yes, you can select telephone audio too. As a reminder, tablets generally do not have a built-in cellular telephone. Tablet users who want telephone audio during an online meeting will have to use a separate device for telephone service (e.g., a handy desktop telephone).

When a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available, can I use my iPhone®'s cellular modem?

Yes, it's possible. However, there are some limitations. First, data bandwidth on less than 4G/LTE connections will be limited. More importantly, CDMA networks such as Sprint and Verizon in the USA cannot carry a cellular telephone and a cellular data channel at the same time. Under these circumstances, customers are advised to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and use Wi-Fi for their data service.

When a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available, can I use my iPad®'s cellular modem?

Yes. Please note that only certain iPads have such modems (, they are for "data-only," and the user must have an active data plan subscription. Under these circumstances, only OmniJoin VoIP audio may be selected or, alternatively, a separate device for telephone audio can be used. Lastly, please be aware that bandwidth on less than 4G/LTE connections will be limited.

Can I use my Bluetooth® earpiece during an online meeting?

Yes. Under rare circumstances however, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi may interfere with each other. Should this occur, if possible use a direct (wired) audio device. Otherwise, try switching to 802.11a. Forcing Wi-Fi to the lower portions of its frequency band may provide more separation and less interference. Please be aware this is just a helpful hint, there are many other sources of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® interference beyond the scope of this FAQ.

I noticed that when I use OmniJoin for iOS it logs me out of my desktop Live Contact List. Why?

OmniJoin for iOS mobile devices uses the same logic for secure session and account access as the Live Contact List for Windows and OS X desktops and laptops. If you login with OmniJoin using a mobile device, your desktop or laptop Live Contact List session will be automatically logged out.