How to Share Desktop, Apps and Files - FAQs

How do I share desktop, apps and files?

"Choose ‘Share Desktop’ to show your entire screen, and flip back and forth between applications. Choose ‘Share Application’ to share only one, specific application with your attendees. Or, choose to share specific files from your computer or the OmniJoin cloud."

How are Share Document, Share PowerPoint, and Share Desktop and Application different from each other?

When sharing a PowerPoint® presentation or a document the rich text content is transmitted by the presenter only once, thereafter only page change commands are sent. Page changes are instantaneous and consume very little bandwidth.

Desktop, application, region, and browser sharing is a continuous screen sharing process. This captures, compresses, and transmits all presenter screen changes (raster/bitmap image data) as live screen changes occur. This consumes more bandwidth, but allows for sharing of all or part of a live display.

What type of documents can I share?

You can share PowerPoint® presentations, any Microsoft® Office document, PDF files, and virtually any document that can be printed by the presenter's operating system.

Can I edit a file while using Document sharing?

No. You can save annotations and highlights, but you cannot edit a document while Document sharing. The document is static at the point in time it was shared.

If you want to edit a document while in an online meeting, click Share Live Application instead, then you (and anyone you grant remote control) can control the application and edit the document.

What type of media files (movies) can I play during an online meeting?

You can share any media file that is "playable" by the presenter's operating system. This includes native Microsoft® formats such as (AVI, WMV) and formats such as MP4 and M4V that are supported by both Microsoft® and Apple®.

Can I distribute file handouts and transfer files to others during my conference?

Yes, you may distribute file handouts and conduct file-transfer sessions during your conference, just as if you were meeting in person. For privacy and security reasons, the File Sharing feature can also be disabled by the meeting room host or your OmniJoin account administrator. For more details, please refer to the following page: Can I turn off remote control, hand-outs, and file transfer features?

How many files can I share in one OmniJoin meeting?

There are no limitations on the number of files or documents that can be shared.

What are the file size limits for using certain OmniJoin sharing features?

The file size limits depend on the sharing feature being used. The OmniJoin Document Sharing and Handout features are limited to 100 MB and 15 MB, respectively.Please Click here  for more information on additional file size limitations.

When using the Remote File Access feature, are there any limitations on file size?

No. This is a person-to-person transfer (through the virtual conference server) and it is limited by bandwidth, transfer time, and stable connection limitations, not file size.

What browsers can I share?

Browser sharing is a type of screen sharing – you can share any browser or any application.