Free Live Chat by OmniJoin Contact List FAQs

What is the Live Contact List?

The OmniJoin Live Contact List is a free, optional add-on. It is a Windows® and Mac OS X® installable software, system tray applet. This applet provides an easy touchstone to quickly and easily get into your own online meeting room, manage multiple conference rooms (if needed), and communicate with co-workers via online presence status, private messaging, and text chat capabilities. The latter capabilities are sometimes referred to as presence client, secure instant messaging, secure IM, and enterprise IM.

If you are an Administrator, you can download Live Contact List through the ‘Administration’ navigation item and choose ‘Download’ in your OmniJoin portal. If you are not an Administrator, contact your organizations Administrator for the download file.

What are the OmniJoin Live Contact List features?

The Live Contact List features an instantly available 'Enter My Meeting Room' button and advanced features for creating, editing, and managing multiple conference rooms and scheduled events, including conference templates.

It also features presence management (online status), private messaging, message templates, and text chat features. The Live Contact List supports presence and messaging among individuals and groups, making it ideal for team and company-wide applications.

What can I do with the Live Contact List?

You can get into your own online meeting room fast! One click to launch the Live Contact List tray applet, and another to 'Enter My Meeting Room.'

In addition, this utility provides advanced features for creating and managing several online meeting rooms and scheduled events.

You can also use the Live Contact List for online presence status and private messaging among your co-workers. This makes it easy to get one or two people, or a whole team into an online meeting or a quick text chat. The Live Contact List also includes advanced features like message templates, so pop-up messages like A Customer is Holding, We're Low on Inventory, or Join My Online Meeting Now can be sent at the push of a button.

Can I check the online presence status of other contacts and group members?

Yes. With OmniJoin Live Contact List, you can check other members' status (online, busy, away, offline).

Can I run the OmniJoin Live Contact List automatically I when start my computer?

Yes, doing so will make it easy to check online presence, send Messages, and quickly get into your online meeting room.

Starting automatically is the default setting. You can check or change this setting by following the steps below:

1. Open OmniJoin Live Contact List by clicking on the "flower" tray icon
2. Select the [Help] tab
3. Select [Settings] and select [General]
4. Check the checkbox [Automatically run on system startup] in the [Startup]
5. Click [OK]

How do I easily get everyone in my office on the OmniJoin Live Contact List?

You can create your own group, or your system administrator can create a company-wide group, as follows:

1. Open the Live Contact List "flower" tray icon.
2. Select [Contacts] tab.
3. Select [Add Group].
4. Select [Create a new group] and click [Next].
5. Enter a name for the group (e.g. LA Office), click [Next].
6. Specify a password for the group, click [Next].
7. Enter a short description for the group (e.g. Employees in LA office), click [Finish].
8. Click [OK]. Other contacts can then join your group.
9. Drag and drop contacts into the group as needed.

Please Contact Support for additional details regarding provisioning mid- to large-sized deployments.

Do I need to purchase a license to use the Live Contact List?

No. At present, the Live Contact List is a no charge add on to OmniJoin web conferencing online services. You may continue to use the Live Contact List whether or not you purchase an OmniJoin web conferencing license.

What is the file size limit for pop-up messaging attachments?

Pop-up messaging attachments are limited to 5MB.

What is the file size limit for file transfers?

File transfers via the Live Contact List are limited to 5 MB.

How much HDD space is needed to download the Live Contact List?

To download the Live Contact List, you need about 27 MB HDD space.

How do I download the Live Contact List tray applet?

Please contact your OmniJoin support team for the link to download the Live Contact List application.

Can others find me on the Live Contact List? Can I opt out of the List?

Yes, others can find you on the Live Contact List using the Add Contact and Add Contact Helper features. Yes, you can elect not to be listed in the global directory. In this case, others must know your User Name to send you an 'add contact request.' They are unable to search for you. Regardless of whether you are listed or not, you may Approve, Decline, or Postpone any 'add contact request'. You must Approve the request before your online status is displayed to others.

You can change whether your Account is listed or not at install time and any time thereafter. To change this setting, look under the Help menu, Settings, Account tab, Name section. You will see a radio button called 'Include me in the global directory.' Change this setting as you like. See also our Privacy Policy.