System & Hardware Requirements: Getting Started

What are the minimum systems requirements for OmniJoin desktop video conferencing?

OmniJoin desktop video conferencing requires a computer, broadband Internet access, and a Web browser. For details, please visit our System Requirements page.

Can I run OmniJoin on Android?

Yes, OmniJoin is compatible with Android 4.4 or later. You can download the app here.

Can I run OmniJoin on Mac® OS X?

Yes, OmniJoin is compatible with Mac® OS X v10.8 or later.

Does OmniJoin work on my mobile device?

Yes. Please visit our Video Conferencing on Mobile Devices page.

What software do I need to use OmniJoin?

OmniJoin has no software pre-requisites except a Web browser and operating system. For details, please visit our Systems Requirements page. OmniJoin automatically downloads the software components it uses.

What hardware do I need to use OmniJoin desktop video conferencing?

You need a computer and an Internet connection. For audio and video participation, you need a telephone or VoIP headset, webcam, or other audio/video peripheral. Please visit our Systems Requirements page and Compatible Equipment pages for details.

Does OmniJoin support multiple monitors?

Yes, OmniJoin supports as many monitors as your computer has available. That way you can share on one monitor while watching video on another. This is especially useful for dual-monitor workstations, and in conference rooms, boardrooms, and training facilities.

What webcams and video cameras are supported?

OmniJoin desktop video conferencing works with all Brother brand audio and video peripherals. OmniJoin is also broadly compatible with third-party USB 2.0 and 3.0 webcams, and many PCI video adapter cards and conference room pan-tilt-zoom cameras. This includes HD devices. For details, please visit our Compatible Equipment page.

What headset and audio devices does OmniJoin support?

OmniJoin supports virtually any audio device compatible with your operating system, including headsets, microphones, speakers, speakerphones, and echo cancelling conference room equipment. For details, please visit our Compatible Equipment page.

Does OmniJoin support Windows Vista 64-bit?

Yes, OmniJoin desktop video conferencing is compatible with the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.

OmniJoin is also compatible with Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 transparency and glass effects. OmniJoin fully supports the Aero interface. You can even share Aero applications.

Can I use OmniJoin from overseas?

Yes, you can use OmniJoin anywhere an Internet connection is available. For more information, please visit our System Requirements page.

Is OmniJoin available in languages other than English?

Yes. In addition to English, OmniJoin is available in Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. By default, OmniJoin automatically selects the Language, Date and Time preference settings of the user's operating system. We will support additional language settings in the future, please Contact Us for details.