Conference Call Setup & Host Controls

Can I limit the ability of attendees to use the sharing features and remote control?

Yes. By default, only the meeting Host has sharing privileges. The Host can grant or take away all sharing privileges.

Note that all remote control requests must be confirmed by the user receiving the request. OmniJoin has no unattended remote control capability. In addition, on corporate accounts, system administrators can disable or set limitations on sharing and many other features across all user accounts and meeting rooms.

Can a Host change other attendees' audio or video settings?

Yes, hosts can control all attendees' audio and video settings – for everyone in the online meeting room, or by individual attendee.

Can I schedule a meeting in advance?

Yes, you can create as many scheduled meetings and online conference rooms as you like.

Can I create "standing" meeting rooms for weekly meetings?

Yes, you can create as many standing meeting rooms as you like. For example, Weekly Sales Meeting, Training Room, and so on. You can create these rooms and use them over and over while keeping the same conference link.