Audio Conferencing FAQs

Does OmniJoin have telephone conferencing options?

Yes. OmniJoin includes VoIP audio conferencing with unlimited minutes. In addition to VoIP computer audio, OmniJoin also offers telephone conferencing (teleconferencing) options, including monthly plans and pay-as-you-go plans. Please visit Compare Plans or Contact Us for more information.

NOTE: This feature is also referred to as a phone bridge, or telephone bridging, or a teleconference line.

Does the free trial include teleconferencing?

Yes, the OmniJoin 14-day free trial includes a standard U.S. toll number. The 'Telephone conference call' option is the default audio source in 'My Meeting Room' for all new trial accounts. For hosts, details for the teleconference dial-in number can be found in the 'My Account' page at Participants may find the teleconference details when joining the web conference, or by referring to the information provided in the meeting invitation sent by the meeting host via email.

NOTE: Everyone who calls into the phone bridge using the standard U.S. toll number will incur toll costs based on their standard calling rates. These charges will appear on the bill from their telephone provider.

Can I mix VoIP and telephone audio during my meeting?

Yes, OmniJoin participants can utilize VoIP and/or an OmniJoin dial-in during a session. Meeting hosts can control both forms of participant audio, however meeting recordings will only capture VoIP audio.

Can I use my teleconference number without starting a web conference or video conference?

Yes, the use of teleconference audio is a standalone process and does not require the use of a computer system. You can schedule a meeting through the OmniJoin account page, with 'telephone conference call' selected as your audio choice. When you send out your invitations to the participants, they will be provided with instructions for the teleconference audio feature. You and your participants can then opt to dial the teleconference phone number and meeting code, so that you can speak with one another, without clicking on the link to join the web-based video conference. However, unless all participating users are familiar with and comfortable using teleconference audio without an additional on-screen guide, we recommend conducting a teleconference meeting through the web conference application.

What VoIP audio codec does OmniJoin use?

OmniJoin uses a proprietary audio codec that is specifically designed for full duplex, multipoint VoIP conferencing over variable quality Internet connections. OmniJoin broadband audio quality far surpasses the telephone in dynamic range and clarity. OmniJoin technology can take hands-free webcam microphone inputs and process them to almost the same level of quality as a headset. OmniJoin also accepts conference room hardware inputs, taking advantage of ClearOne or any other brand of high-fidelity boardroom equipment. Under most conditions, once an online meeting gets underway, the audio quality is so good that most users forget they are meeting "electronically."