OmniJoin Video Conferencing

What Are the Key Benefits of Video Conferencing?

The benefits of video conferencing for business is undeniable. Organizations that prioritize collaboration across their business are far more likely to succeed than those that don't.

Executives in leading organizations understand the critical role collaboration plays in helping them reach their goals. Collaboration has been shown to support empowerment, knowledge sharing, recruit and retain top talent, speed innovation, reduce duplication of work across geographies and so much more.

Specific video conferencing benefits for businesses include:

  • Powering virtual teams
  • Establishing more productive working relationships without impacting travel budgets
  • Joining team members or partners across time zones using any device, from any location
  • Reinforcing leadership capabilities by increasing individual exposure
  • Accelerating sales and service productivity

In any context, the value of collaboration enabled by video conferencing should not be overestimated. Start empowering your employees with a free trial of OmniJoin, the best cloud-based video service on the market!

What is OmniJoin?

OmniJoin is a next generation web and multiparty video conferencing software and online service for business. It offers an in-person-like meeting experience for users and comprehensive security controls for IT administrators that need them.

What can I do with OmniJoin?

With OmniJoin, you can hold online meetings with multiple people anytime, anywhere. You'll get the highest quality, multiparty video possible and a full suite of advanced collaboration tools – PowerPoint® sharing, desktop sharing, whiteboards, text chat, media file sharing and more. OmniJoin provides the web conferencing experience that businesses truly need.

Do I need an OmniJoin account to join a meeting?

No, only the person hosting the meeting needs to have a licensed OmniJoin® account. The simplest way for participants to join a meeting is by clicking the link from the meeting invitation (the conference room URL).

What is the total number of people I can have in one meeting session?

The maximum meeting room capacity depends on the type of OmniJoin subscription plan. Subscribers with OmniJoin® Basic accounts can have up to 30 people (with a max of 12 video feeds) including the host, while subscribers with OmniJoin® Pro accounts can have as many as 50 people (with a max of 20 video feeds) including the host. For more information, please refer to our plan comparison page: Compare Plans.

My company has various sized meetings and formats. Can OmniJoin® handle that?

Yes. To make this variety easy for our customers OmniJoin offers Meeting Modes. The default is Meeting, which is perfect for typical online meetings with a few people or a small department. Collaboration is designed for working meetings where you want everyone to have the ability to immediately share applications and documents without having to manually promote them to presenter. Presentation is for large meetings with multiple hosts or presenters and limited attendee privileges. And Boardroom is for boardrooms, conference facilities, and multi–monitor scenarios where high–quality, multiparty floating HD videos are important. You can edit any of these pre–canned modes adjusting the audio, video, starting layout, roles for people joining the meeting and so on to suit your own individual presentation style or business needs. You can also create your own custom modes too.

Can I customize OmniJoin with my own logo and color scheme?

Yes. You can upload your own logo and select from a variety of color schemes to match your style. Visit our Admin Controls page for more information

Can I customize all the message and email templates?

Yes. OmniJoin® customers can customize their own landing page, all portal page headers and footers, the join and deny meeting messages, and all email templates. OmniJoin® also provides custom URLs (e.g., as part of the standard product without additional charge. For more information on customization please refer to the OmniJoin Administrator’s Guide or contact us.