Leverage the power of cloud technology and find out how OmniJoin® enables you to provide higher quality web conferencing and collaboration tools for your business.

Getting Started

how to schedule an OmniJoin meeting
A quick guide to setting up an OmniJoin® meeting
how to share your desktop
How to share your desktop
how to join via email
How to join via email

Meeting Modes

all about meeting modes
All about meeting modes
what is a meeting mode
When to use meeting mode
what is collaboration mode
When to use collaboration mode
what is presentation mode
When to use presentation mode
when to use boardroom mode
When to use boardroom mode
how to create meeting modes
How to create a custom meeting mode


how to chat
How to chat
how to markup and edit files
How to markup and edit files
how to upload files to the cloud
Upload files to OmniJoin cloud
how to use my meeting files
How to use my meeting files
how to record a meeting
How to record a meeting

Meeting Security and Management

how to control an attendees audio and video settings
Control attendees audio and video settings
how to manage attendee privileges
How to manage attendee privileges
how to lock a meeting
How to lock a meeting
how to edit my meeting room
How to edit my meeting room
how to create message templates
How to create message templates
how to use registration feature
How to use registration feature
how to use multiple monitors
How to use multiple monitors