HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing

HIPAA compliant video conferencing is fast becoming a must-have technology for healthcare providers looking to expand their reach. Healthcare organizations are turning to OmniJoin for Healthcare, backed by Brother, as their solution of choice. OmniJoin for Healthcare offers the following features:

  • HIPAA compliance – OmniJoin for Healthcare meets the HIPAA requirements, helping covered entities satisfy security and PHI obligations, through a signed business associate agreement (BAA).
  • Online waiting room – View patients waiting in queue, and admit or expel them through the online attendee management window.
  • Interoperability – Connect OmniJoin to your existing video hardware or internal systems for a unified meeting experience.
  • Customizable features – Turn off the recording, document sharing or cloud storage to meet your organization’s compliance standards.

OmniJoin and HIPAA

  • OmniJoin for Healthcare meets the HIPAA security requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule and helps you to maintain your HIPAA compliance by protecting your patient’s electronic health information (ePHI)
  • OmniJoin for Healthcare offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) giving covered entities like you an extra level of security

Developing and Deploying a Telehealth Strategy

Developing an effective strategy for rolling out telehealth services is highly dependent on the organization size and specialty. Regardless, the chosen web-conferencing technology should be designed to support healthcare delivery and align with HIPAA Security Rule requirements for electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

The platform should also be easy to use and access on both computers and mobile devices to ensure providers remain productive and efficient and they are able to focus on the patient. Likewise, high-definition video and audio will more closely simulate an in-person encounter and earn greater trust and acceptance among patients.

Finding the most effective telehealth workflow will also depend on the organization’s unique characteristics. While dedicating a provider to only telehealth visits may be worthwhile for large or rural organizations, seeing patients online between in-person visits may be more efficient for others.