The OmniJoin Partner Program has been built with choice in mind. Each of our Partners requires various levels of involvement and integration, so with our program you can choose the right level of partnership to utilize our expertise and technology in conjunction with your existing business.

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a large enterprise, we offer programs to companies of all sizes:

OmniJoin Partner Program
  1. Integration

    Utilize our Software Development Kit (SDK) to access our complete suite of APIs, and integrate OmniJoin collaboration features into your own service. Allow your customers to start a meeting, invite attendees, or log meeting details, all through the user interface they are already using today – yours!

  2. Reseller

    Resell OmniJoin to expand our own suite of offerings to your customers. You can choose to resell the standard OmniJoin service, or white-label, and brand it as your own. We’ll be there to help your team introduce the service, and validate whether it is a good fit for your client’s organization.

  3. Referral

    The OmniJoin referral program is an easy way for you to earn revenue from OmniJoin, without reselling the service yourself. Because we understand the power of a valued referral, and to support your efforts, the program provides a 10% Referral Fee for annual subscription referrals.

OmniJoin Showcase Partners

  • GomoHealth
  • Secure Telehealth