Increasing Access To Behavioral Health Patients with Secure, Web Conferencing

Establishing intimacy and building trust between a provider and patient is important for effective healthcare delivery, but it can also be a challenge. In behavioral health especially, telehealth can bridge the physical distance and sensory limitations of electronic communication, but needs to be offered via a service that can provide a personal connection with a provider through high quality video, on a network that meets the HIPAA requirements under the security rule.

Advances in telepsychiatry technology, however, have made forging deep relationships with behavioral patients more feasible, even if the patient is thousands of miles away. Through video and web conferencing technology that enables high-definition video and high-fidelity audio, providers and patients can feel closer and more connected in an online environment.

Your Virtual Waiting Room Awaits

The OmniJoin online Waiting Room is an extension of your practice. This web-based feature delivers a seamless ‘virtual’ waiting room experience, while allowing you to meet patients quickly and efficiently. Patients are queued in the order in which they entered. As the provider, you control who you can admit or expel. Once you admit a patient, you can collaborate with confidence using OmniJoin secure, telehealth web and video conferencing.

Security Features Protect Privacy

Crucial to building trust during secure telehealth encounters are security features built into the technology to protect patient privacy. OmniJoin customer Secure Telehealth, a Pittsburgh-based company that provides secure online services to the behavioral health community through HIPAA compliant video conferencing, understands the importance of technology not interfering with effective care delivery. The firm switched the video web conferencing technology it embeds in its software to a new vendor that offered better ease-of-use, but sacrificed none of the security. The result has been a more seamless experience for both provider and patient and one that encourages patient engagement and improved outcomes.

Telepsychiatry and Online Counseling

Telepsychiatry and Online Counseling

Telepsychiatry is a natural fit for telehealth technology since much of clinical counseling revolves around the ability to facilitate personal interactions — listening, observing body language, patient affect, and minute changes to facial expression. From the patient’s perspective, engaging with their therapist in the privacy of their own home can help them overcome the “mental-health stigma” obstacle, encouraging more open and honest communication with the provider.

Telepsychiatry and Online Counseling

Find out more about OmniJoin for Healthcare has become one of the most successful of all the telemedicine applications... We have found web-based video conferencing to be an effective service-delivery method.”

Jim Mountain
President, Secure Telehealth