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Video conferencing for home health care is part of the rapidly growing telehealth software movement. Patients and providers connect using OmniJoin web and video conferencing technology and a patient’s personal device. Through our secure, cloud-based solution, virtual visits can offer the same level of comfort and personal connection as an office visit through high-definition video and audio. Providers can effortlessly reach their patients, while helping them reduce travel time and costs.

OmniJoin can be ideal for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, COPD and diabetes as well as the following clinical encounters:

  • Non-emergency consultations
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Patient who have mobility challenges
  • Health coaching

It’s easy and effective to connect virtually for patient remote monitoring using OmniJoin high definition conferencing technology.

Ultra Secure and Simple to Use Video Conferencing

OmniJoin web and video conferencing meets the HIPAA requirement. This secure, telehealth software exceeds the technical safeguards of HIPAA's Security Rule related to authentication and encryption, and helps providers adhere to compliance obligations.

OmniJoin for telehomecare is simple to use for patients who may not be tech savvy. Providers enjoy the simple meeting start and pre-set controls so they can concentrate on delivering quality care.

Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls

Overcoming Access Barriers OmniJoin Technology

The Big Sky Aphasia Program, a clinic based at the University of Montana leverages OmniJoin to confront a unique specialty-provider access challenge that its rural patient population faces. The program delivers speech and language therapy to individuals with aphasia and associated deficits resulting from stroke and traumatic brain injury. The clinic has many clients located in rural regions of the state who lack access to high-quality speech therapy services, who do not have reliable transportation or who have significant medical issues that make travel difficult.

Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls

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Both our clinicians and our clients love OmniJoin’s user-friendly interface. Being able to share documents and websites quickly makes therapy dynamic and easy to plan.”

Catherine Off
Director, Big Sky Aphasia Program