Driving Clinical Excellence through Video Conferencing

Besides doctor-to-patient communications, secure, telehealth software is also allowing healthcare institutions to conduct virtual, clinical trainings as well as providing medical consultations and support. OmniJoin can facilitate these sessions, large or small, in an environment that meets the HIPAA requirements under the security rule.

Eliminate Costs Associated with On-site Training

Hospitals and health systems leverage OmniJoin high definition web and video conferencing for internal educational programs. Connecting clinical teams for training is a cost-effective way to support health education initiatives. The ability to receive interactive medical training without traveling to a classroom creates efficiency and saves time for busy clinicians.

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Learn how to maximize a provider’s time by utilizing web technology for professional education and meetings.

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Establish Your Professional Network

OmniJoin web conferencing also facilitates other forms of clinical collaboration. For example, sharing a patient’s secure, telehealth session offers a highly convenient and efficient way to enable consultations with specialists. The ability to record patient sessions allows physicians to forward the entire encounter to the specialist for rendering second opinions. The specialist can then review the session at their convenience, rather than scheduling an in-office visit, providing a cost-effective way to conduct consultations for other clinicians.

Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls

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As an education platform, having clear eye contact and the ability to read body language is really important. OmniJoin allows us to have that close interaction with patients remotely.”

Pam Rogers
Arthritis Research Canada, Research Coordinator