A Simple Solution for Strengthening Client and Team Relationships

Distance is no longer a barrier to building stronger, more collaborative and productive working relationships. OmniJoin video conferencing from Brother lets busy salespeople “meet” anytime with clients, prospects, and colleagues without the logistics and costs associated with travel – all from a desktop or compatible mobile device.

From a simple “just checking in” video chat to a more formal group presentation, our customizable, secure, scalable, web conferencing platform connects you with your colleagues and customers. Conduct professional sales pitches, training sessions, product demonstrations, follow-up meetings, and more while improving productivity and customer relationship management.

Why OmniJoin for Sales

  1. Virtually Collaborate Keep a continuous channel of communication open with your sales teams through an ongoing collaboration room
  2. Share Anything Add your own branding to the OmniJoin interface to extend your corporate identity beyond traditional methods
  3. Customize Add your own branding to the OmniJoin interface to extend your corporate identity beyond traditional methods
  4. Create a Training Library Conduct multi-media sales training sessions and record them to create a library for future reference and use

Business Web and Video Conferencing

Web and video conferencing has become a critical tool for businesses to help drive collaboration, communication and productivity across teams and locations, all while reducing traveling costs. OmniJoin business video conferencing provides an affordable meeting solution that lets all attendees "meet at the same table" increasing your group's productivity while bypassing the problems that are historically associated with video conferencing. Whether your colleagues are using laptops, workstations or mobile devices, OmniJoin’s powerful collaborative business video conferencing solution enables businesses across all industries to deliver high-quality, reliable, secure online-meetings.

Online Waiting Room

Training Sessions

Now, being out in the field doesn’t mean being out of touch. Web conferencing makes it easy for your entire sales team to participate in training sessions no matter where they are located. Save time and travel costs, while keeping your participants engaged. Whether you’re onboarding new sales representatives or introducing a new product or service, OmniJoin can help your team stay connected and be more productive. We also allow you to record your training sessions and store them in the OmniJoin cloud for future reference and playback..

face to face meeting

Have a Face-to-Face Meeting Anytime

Online meetings can play a critical role in sales and marketing. With OmniJoin, you can be more accessible to your customers, clients, prospects, and colleagues – especially those in remote locations. Your sales team will impress clients by establishing ‘face-to-face’ connections, and be able to work and collaborate more effectively in a dispersed business environment.

face to face meeting

OmniJoin will be a valuable asset for both our sales and training teams. We are spread out over three states, so the ROI of saving time and money with our training programs is well worth the investment.”

Daniel Abbott
Thompson Trucks, IT Director