Modernizing Judicial Starts with OmniJoin

Jails, prisons and courts have used video conferencing hardware for assignment of counsel proceedings for a long time. With the growth of modern technology, and especially low-cost A/V peripherals; web and video conferencing is making its way into this once hardware-only market. At an affordable cost, these tax-payer funded organizations can get secure, easy to manage real-time communication solutions.

  • C3 and civil defense media briefing centers
  • Online training and after-action debriefing
  • Video arraignments for criminal courts
  • Video depositions for civil proceedings
  • Video visitation in prisons

Why OmniJoin for Prisons and Courts

  1. Advanced Security OmniJoin complies with industry leading security protocols including TLS 1.2 and 256-bit encryption
  2. Risk Management Limit expensive and dangerous prisoner transport
  3. High Quality Collaboration HD video and live sharing to any location that has wi-fi capability
  4. Manage Costs Meet more, while reducing the cost associated with unnecessary travel

Flexible Technology That Works With You

Limiting expensive and dangerous prisoner transport is at the center of what OmniJoin web and video conferencing delivers to prisons and court systems. OmniJoin flexible technology can seamlessly connect to your current equipment, enabling you to maximize your existing technology investment. This saves you time and money on implementation, training and upkeep.

Online Waiting Room

This cloud based solution presents a significant opportunity for courts and administrative agencies to add cost-effective evidence presentation to any location that has wi-fi Internet capability.”

The Center for Legal & Court Technology