Support your Help Desk with video conferencing and remote desktop sharing from OmniJoin

Providing remote IT support and training between multiple locations can be made easier with video conferencing from OmniJoin. Why limit a help desk to just phone calls? Our secure, cloud-based online meeting platform can handle virtually all IT department needs, from 1:1 troubleshooting to IT group training and internal meetings by extending the reach of your IT specialists.

Save time and help increase the efficiency of your team with this easy-to-install, IT-friendly solution that facilitates knowledge, training, and resource sharing through streamlined communications. Use remote desktop sharing to show or make software changes on-the-fly. With global reach to virtually any business desktop, companies of all sizes can deliver world class support using OmniJoin.

Why OmniJoin for IT

  1. Advanced Security Assign levels of security access to control who participates in help desk interactions and what they see
  2. Customize Add your own branding to the OmniJoin interface to extend your corporate identity beyond traditional methods
  3. Work Smarter Remotely access employee work stations to resolve help desk requests
  4. Create a Training Library Record and store training sessions which can be played back on demand, 24/7

Troubleshoot Remotely with Desktop Sharing

Every day, help desks receive calls and emails from users and customers down the hall and around the globe with all kinds of issues. It becomes increasingly challenging to solve these issues if there is not somebody available and on site to inspect, diagnose and solve each issue. OmniJoin gives you the capability to assist these individuals – remotely and instantly with desktop sharing. See the user’s screen, control their mouse and work as if right in front of the computer they are working on. Help Desk representatives can troubleshoot virtually any computer capable of running OmniJoin using remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer, hand-outs and other built-in remote technical support tools. OmniJoin makes it simple to discover and solve issues quickly and easily keeping your users and customers happy.

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Security through Public or Private Clouds

OmniJoin offers two deployment models for its web and video conferencing service: our public cloud or your private cloud. This enables your business to have complete control over the level of security which will help you meet IT policies and other strict compliance requirements. Technical support can be conducted both inside and outside of the firewall, with the same safeguards and security. This means IT can use the same tool to troubleshoot on the next floor, or on the next continent.


OmniJoin has been a great partner to Bulk through the years. We rely on their service to onboard and train employees, connect with our terminals and conduct management meetings every day. We have been very happy with the service and the improvements they have made over the years to keep up with our changing business.”

Frank Cutter
Bulk VP of SAfety amd Human Resources