Recruit, Meet and Train with OmniJoin

Whether it’s recruiting new talent or administering corporate training, it is essential that Human Resource departments are provided with tools that enable them to effectively communicate with employees.

By utilizing OmniJoin web conferencing, HR professionals can facilitate face-to-face online meetings from virtually anywhere, with anyone. Web conferencing can help reduce travel expenses and expand the flexibility of Human Resource practices without compromising meeting quality.

Why OmniJoin for HR

  1. Advanced Security Assign levels of security access to control who participates in meetings and what they can see
  2. Customize Add your own branding to the OmniJoin interface to extend your corporate identity beyond traditional methods
  3. Work Smarter Share and review resumes and candidates’ paperwork with dispersed team members without compromising security
  4. Virtually Collaborate Use annotation tools over live applications with pencils, highlighters and pointer tools to engage participants and emphasize important information

Recruiting and Screening

You can improve the quality of recruiting and screeening with OmniJoin. Seeing a candidate is as important as hearing the candidate during interviews, and OmniJoin lets you do both. Make phone screens more personable, and have high-quality face-to-face meetings with job candidates.

Cost-Effective Video Training and Onboarding

Training is one of the most popular uses of the OmniJoin service. HR professionals can conduct one-to-one new hire orientations and onboarding sessions over the web to remote and home office workers and multi-location workforces. Administer corporate training to large groups without travel coordination and expenses. Web conferencing is a convenient and cost-effective tool for managing remote conferences of any kind – staff meetings, mandated compliance training, employee development, and more.

Online Waiting Room

OmniJoin has been a great partner to Bulk through the years. We rely on their service to onboard and train employees, connect with our terminals and conduct management meetings every day. We have been very happy with the service and the improvements they have made over the years to keep up with our changing business.”

Frank Cutter
Bulk Transportation, VP of Safety and Human Resources