Banking Innovation Starts with OmniJoin

You may have offices spanning the globe or several bank branches throughout your state. Your financial institution is unique, but your customer demands are constant –accessibly and security. OmniJoin web and video conferencing for finance allows you to securely share investment information and collaborate with your clients on their portfolios, all in HD video.

Strengthening your customer relationships is just the beginning. OmniJoin web conferencing will enhance your overall internal communication strategy, including your next board of directors meeting. Seamlessly engage your staff through virtual and highly professional internal meetings, new employee onboarding sessions and education training programs.

Why OmniJoin for Finance

  1. Advanced Security OmniJoin complies with industry leading security protocols including TLS 1.2 and 256-bit encryption
  2. High Quality Collaboration It’s easy to share real-time financial data, investment statements and reports
  3. Connect On Every Level Meet 1:1 to discuss your client’s portfolio or host a quarterly board of directors meeting
  4. Manage Costs Meet more, while reducing the cost associated with unnecessary travel

Secure Remote Banking Made Easy

Technology has changed customer behavior and their expectations from service providers, including banks and financial institutions. Mobile banking is on the rise as customers expect instant and mobile access to their finances. OmniJoin web and video conferencing for finance helps raise the bar on accessibility. Clients can seamlessly and securely connect to expert consultants for financial advisement and wealth management.


Connect OmniJoin to Your Conference Room

OmniJoin’s interoperable video conferencing enables a seamless multi-point video conference experience, connecting our web meeting service and your in-room telepresence system. With this feature, you can utilize your existing hardware investment, while still gaining the benefits of a web-based online meeting service. Host, invite, share, and see, all while providing a single conference experience in your boardroom, on attendees’ desktops or on mobile devices. OmniJoin’s interoperable video conferencing solution connects with most major telepresence systems, like Cisco®, Polycom® and Lifesize®.

Online Waiting Room

We know we can use a lower cost, or free, solution for this type of service, but the virtual interaction of our board and other employees is very important, making the video quality we receive from OmniJoin well worth the subscription fee.”

Jeremy Broady
Farmers National Bank, Network Administrator