Breaking Down Distance Barriers with Virtual Classroom Software

Education is the foundation for our future, yet nowhere else are budgets and resources so limited, and stakeholders so demanding. OmniJoin web & video conferencing can help educators and administrators face these challenges by providing virtual classroom software for web & video conferencing that is far more flexible, and far more affordable, than room-based systems. And most importantly, distance learning extends the reach and effectiveness of teachers and staff.

Today, forward-thinking educators, and their IT departments, can take advantage of our turnkey video conferencing platform and their existing networks — no costly infrastructure components required. Video conferencing in education is imperative for online teaching and tackling distance challenges. Use OmniJoin to support virtual classrooms, e-learning, blended learning, online seminars, web tutoring, remote interpreting, or any other purpose that brings students and teachers together.

Why OmniJoin for Education

  1. 1:1 Tutoring to Online Classroomsy OmniJoin web classroom software is an effective way to teach and train staff, regardless of their location
  2. Easy Admin Standardize the user experience for your students/employees with custom security features and branding
  3. Train The Way You Want To It’s easy to host and join with our mobile conferencing app that goes wherever you need to go
  4. Create a Training Library Utilizing the record & playback feature, you can create a training library for students/employees to reference at their convenience

OmniJoin Mobile App for Distance Learning

Distance learning courses are ideal for people with busy lifestyles and schedules and video conferencing in education has become necessary to do so. With the OmniJoin video conferencing mobile app for iOS and Android, students and instructors can now communicate and collaborate on the go. Chat with students and educators, share and read documents, participate in lectures, or play videos instantly all from your mobile device.


Make Your Virtual Classroom More Personal

Using modern technology, such as web conferencing, educators and students can build a strong connection while having a truly customized experience. Schools, universities and learning centers leverage OmniJoin web conferencing to assist in their personalized learning programs by:

  • Allowing teachers to connect with students in remote locations
  • Building closer relationships through face-to-face interaction
  • Increasing student engagement and achievement
  • Bringing more flexibility to scheduling for teachers and students alike
Online Waiting Room

OmniJion is enabling our network of instructors to extend courses to new global markets that we’ve never operated in before.”

Randolph Kraus
The School of Practical Philosophy, Instructor, NYC