Leverage the power of secure cloud based video conferencing and discover what OmniJoin can do for your business.

OmniJoin cloud based video conferencing delivers high-quality voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our highly secure cloud, transmitting all web, VoIP and video conferencing data over military-grade, end to end encrypted connections.

Our advanced cloud based video conferencing technology supports meeting flexibility, collaboration, scalability, and security.

The public cloud web and video conferencing solution gives you access to:

  • Unlimited Meetings

    All plans allow you to have as many online meetings as you’d like with unlimited meeting duration.

  • Intelligent HD Video Technology

    Dynamic 1080p HD video quality backed by real-time throttling and scalable video coding provides a seamless, boardroom-quality meeting experience every time.

  • Collaboration Tools

    A robust suite of tools including pointing, annotation, white-boarding and highlighting, can be used while sharing live applications.

  • Free Mobile Application

    Never miss a meeting with the OmniJoin mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

  • Cloud Storage*

    All OmniJoin plans include at least 1GB of free cloud-based storage. Store documents, presentations, videos, session recordings, and more.

  • Multi-Monitor Video Support

    OmniJoin supports as many monitors as your computer has available. You can share one monitor while watching video on another, which is especially useful for dual-monitor workstations, and in conference rooms, boardrooms, and training facilities.

  • Boardroom Hardware Compatibility

    OmniJoin is compatible with a wide variety of standard A/V equipment to make small and large web conferences a success.

  • Free Customer Support

    All plans include free customer support. For larger scale web and video conferencing implementations, we also offer the OmniJoin Complete Customer Care Program that provides an enhanced level of support for you and your users.

  • Quick and Easy Access

    Access our web and video conferencing in the cloud service anytime, anywhere whether you are on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Take Our Cloud Video Conferencing Service to the Next Level

Does your business need to comply with strict security or data privacy requirements? Consider OmniJoin Private Cloud Video Conferencing which offers all the features and benefits of our public cloud based video conferencing service, but behind your firewall.

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