Security. Compliance. Control. NO Special Hardware.

The OmniJoin Private Cloud is a completely secure, on-premise web conferencing solution that provides you with all of the features and benefits of our public cloud service, but behind your firewall. By building a web conferencing service in a private cloud, we are able to offer you a solution that meets business’ organizational requirements and demands for security, compliance and performance.

OmniJoin Private Cloud provides peace of mind by giving our customers complete control over the account/user administration, feature customization, meeting performance and location of shared documents and recordings by placing the core modules of our service within your infrastructure. Take back control of your meetings, and meet smarter with the OmniJoin Private Cloud.

Why Choose Web Conferencing in a Private Cloud?

With the OmniJoin Private Cloud solution, you maintain the benefits of our public cloud service, but gain control over security, compliance, performance and administration.


By helping your business comply with strict security or data privacy requirements, we give control back to IT. Users can now store shared documents and recordings in a secure, controlled location, and not on individual desktops or unapproved storage service. You could also chose to turn off those features entirely.



If you are in an industry that has strict compliance standards, the OmniJoin Private Cloud will help you meet your security requirements and allow users to conduct compliant web meetings. Since this deployment model is installed behind your firewall, it can deliver secure video sharing over web meetings that will help you meet the most detailed security compliance requirements, frameworks, and standards such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, COBIT, or your own more stringent IT policies.


Since you will utilize your own network, you can optimize your meeting experience based on your corporate infrastructure. By employing your own servers, bandwidth, and networks, you are in complete control of the meeting experience.


Admin Controls

EasyAdmin can have you up and running in no time. The advanced administration tools allow IT to control and customize how users can interact with the OmniJoin service.

  1. Implement single sign-on
  2. Provide directory integration
  3. Assign multiple administrators
  4. Access enterprise-level reports and dashboards


You can use your fully-qualified domain name or IP address for all OmniJoin Private Cloud web services, and select basic or advanced customer branding features.