Supported Devices

  • iPodTouch: 5th generation or later
  • iPhone: iPhone 4S or later
  • iPad: iPad2 or later

Supported Network Connections

  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • LTE

Supported Operating Systems

  • iOS 6.0 or later

1. Login/Join an Existing Meeting

Startup OmniJoin, then the start screen is displayed. You can log into OmniJoin or join existing meetings.

Login to OmniJoin by entering Login ID and Password.

Join an existing meeting by entering Meeting ID and Password (optional).

Display version information.

2. Meet Now/Schedule a Meeting

Login to OmniJoin to quickly enter your pesonal meeting room or schedule a meeting.

2.1 Meet Now

You can enter “MyMeetingRoom” from the “MeetNow” screen.

Tap to show the following menus.

  • Meet Now
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Information on OmniJoin
  • Logout (Logout form OmniJoin and return to start screen)

Displays information about "My Meeting Room".

Tap to edit "MyMeetingRoom."

Tap to invite the attendees by email.

Tap to join an existing meeting.

2.2 Schedule a Meeting

Tap "Meeting Schedule" then the screen is displayed.

Tap to add a new meeting.

Scheduled meetings are listed. Tap to display information about the meeting.

Tap to refresh the “Meeting Schedule” screen.

3. Meeting Room

3.1 Entering a Meeting Room

If your meeting room is set to use OmniJoin Integrated Audio, the screen is displayed. Select the audio source to use during the meeting.(U.S.Only)

If you select "OmniJoin Phone Conferencing"...

If you select "Dial in now"...

NOTE: iPhone users on the Verizon or Sprint network may not connect to the OmniJoin web-based data stream and dial in/dial me over the phone at the same time.(U.S.Only)

3.2 Meeting Room Screen

Access to Chat, Files & Handouts and Attendees features.

(muted/unmuted) (Displayed when meeting on phone) Mute/unmute the microphone.

(shared/unshared): Open the "Camera Preview" dialogbox.

(Settings): You can check the “Meeting Info” and change video/audio settings. From the "Audio Settings", you change the audio source you selected.

Tap to leave or end the meeting.

Swipe to switch video. (When more than 5 video screens are displayed.) Double tap the video to makeit larger/restore the original size.

Tap to invite people to the meeting via email*.

Tap to change the screen layout.

* the feature only available for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.

4. Share Files*

Tap on the meeting room screen, then the “Share List” screen is displayed. Meeting owners can share files stored in OmniJoin Cloud Storage, pictures taken on the device, and pictures stored in the Camera Roll.

Tap to add a file to the list. (. 4.1 Add a New File to the Share List)

Tap to remove files.

The list of the shared files in the meeting. Tap to select the file you want to display.

*The feature only available for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.

4.1 Add a New File to the Share List

Tap “+” in the “Share List” dialog box, then the screen is displayed.

Tap to select the documents stored on "My Meeting Files" on My Account.

Tap to activate the built-in camera and take a picture to share.

Tap to select the pictures stored on your device.

When you have finished selecting a file or taking a picture, the file/picture is added to “ShareList.”


Doubletap the displayed file to zoom in. Doubletap again to zoom in further. Doubletap once again to make it fit the display area.

The added file/picture. Tap to display in the meeting room. You can also change the displayed file by tapping or swiping to another file.

*The feature only available for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.

4.2 Remove Files from the Share List

Tap "Edit" in the "Share List" dialog box, then "X" appears as below.

Tap “X” to remove the file from the “Share List.”

5. Attendee List

Hosts can change meeting roles of attendees during the meeting.

Tap on the meeting room screen, then the "Attendee" screen is displayed.

Tap to close the "Attendees" screen.

Tap to change all attendees’ video and audio settings.

Displays all attendees and their role.
Tap to change the role (. 5.1 Change the Meeting Role).

Displays whether the audio is muted/unmuted.

Displays whether the video is shared/unshared.

Displays when the focus control is activated.

5.1 Change the Meeting Role*

Tap the desired attendee on the “Attendees” screen, then this screen is displayed.

Tap to change the role.

Hosts of the meeting with full privilege.

Attendees who are presenting at the meeting with privileges for the presentation.

Participants with Default Privileges:
Attendees with limited privileges.

Participants without Privileges:
Attendees who cannot change settings in the meeting room other than turning their video/audio on or off.

Displays the audio and video settings.

*The feature only available for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.

6. Chat

You can chat with the attendees during the meeting.

6.1 Join a Chat

Tap on the meeting room screen, then the "Chat" screen is displayed as below.

Tap to close the chat screen.

Tap to create a new chat.

Tap to edit the chat list.

Displays the chat list. Tap to join the chat.

7. Files & Handouts

You can share files with other attendees in the meeting, letting them view or print the files locally.

Tap on the meeting room screen, then the "Files" screen is displayed.

Tap to add a new file.(This button only appears when you are a meeting owner.)

Displays the downloadable files.
Tap to select a file. (. 7.1 Download a File from the List)

7.1 Download a File from the List

Tap the desired file on the “Files” screen, then the screen below is displayed.

Tap to print the selected file, send it by email or open it with applications stored on devices.

Tap to remove the file from the meeting room.

8. Usable Features

Situation Feature Yes/No
Before Meeting Presence availability No
Chat/Message No
File transfer (Remote file access) No
Schedule a meeting Yes
Meet now Yes
Show my meeting Yes
Join a meeting Yes
During Meeting Invite people* Yes
View the attendee list Yes
Join a meeting through VoIP or Phone Yes
Change layout Yes
Display document and video at the same time Yes
View shared content with annotations Yes
View files and handouts (View the file shared by others through files and handouts) Yes
View shared media No
View whiteboard Yes
Share documents from the cloud* Yes
Share whiteboard No
Share browser No
Share media No
Share pictures taken by embeded camera on iPad/iPhone* Yes
File and handouts (Share file from cloud)* Yes
Annotation: Pointer* Yes
Annotation: Drawing No
Operation of shared documents: Zoomin/out Yes
Chat(Private and Group) Yes
Change user level* Yes
[*]in this manual shows the feature only available for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.