Intuitive & Easy Web Conferencing by OmniJoin®

Web conferencing from OmniJoin® enables businesses across all industries to deliver high-quality, reliable, secure online-meetings. It is an enterprise-level solution that can help your team stay connected, and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of business. With its simple browser-based intuitive interface, OmniJoin® makes it easy to host, manage and attend online meetings, allowing users to quickly join a web conference and access a broad range of features in a meeting room customized by the host.

intuitive user interface

Sleek User Interface

The OmniJoin® web conferencing interface was designed to give you an intuitive and easy web conferencing experience. Making your online meetings easier to facilitate and join - without losing any of the granular administrative features that OmniJoin® users love. The OmniJoin® interface is now cleaner and simpler so the focus is always on video participants and share areas. Accessing deep controls has been made easier too with clearly defined menu items and icons for a seamless experience no matter what kind of web conference you are having.

Meeting Modes for Easy Web Conferencing

OmniJoin® meeting modes are predefined templates designed for particular meeting formats. Whether you are having an informal meeting, a collaboration session, a group presentation or a high–profile boardroom meeting — these templates are pre–configured to meet those needs with layout, features and A/V settings already preconfigured.

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Custom Mode

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Multiple Devices, One Experience

OmniJoin® was designed to consistently deliver an easy web conferencing experience whether you are on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once you have used OmniJoin® on one device, you will recognize where to access all of the solution’s powerful features from other devices. This user-friendly approach gives hosts and attendees the confidence to have effective online meetings from virtually anywhere!

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Simple Controls

From inside the meeting room, the OmniJoin® room controls are clearly defined and allow you to manage attendees, adjust A/V settings, share and collaborate with colleagues using one-click icons.

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Customized Meetings

Once you advance beyond basic meetings, OmniJoin® offers granular settings for users to truly customize their meetings for an easy web conferencing experience. OmniJoin® allows you to select from multiple predefined screen layouts that optimize the positions of video, attendee lists, share screens and chats for your specific meeting. You can also undock these individual elements and create your own layout – ideal for multi–monitor set ups. Deep host controls also give you the ability to dictate attendee layouts, as well as their video and audio settings.

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Monitor Your Meeting Performance

OmniJoin® presents users with critical information such as connectivity strength, CPU performance and specific room details at all times. This flexibility allows hosts to make ad-hoc changes to their room settings to compensate for performance issues such as network and system strength related to your internet connection.

1. Is my meeting recording?

2. Lock or unlock the meeting room here

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4. Am I connected to the service?

5. How is my device system running?

6. Am I using a secure connection?

7. How strong is my connection?

intuitive user interface

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