Connect OmniJoin to Your Room System

OmniJoin’s interoperable video conferencing enables a seamless multi-point video conference experience, connecting our web meeting service and your in-room telepresence system like Cisco®, Polycom® and Lifesize®. With this feature, you are able to utilize your in-room video hardware investment, while still gaining the benefits of a web-based online meeting service. Host, invite, share, and see, all while providing a single conference experience in your boardroom, on attendees’ desktops or on mobile devices. OmniJoin’s interoperable video conferencing solution connects with most major telepresence systems, like Cisco®, Polycom® and Lifesize®.

Room System

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Improved Boardroom Collaboration

Interoperable video conferencing software can be used to bring a much deeper and richer collaboration toolset to traditional, room-based systems. Telepresence systems provide the ability for multiple people to attend a video meeting from a single conference room, but typically lack in collaboration features. OmniJoin offers document, live desktop, application, and whiteboard sharing – features that are difficult to activate or simply non-existent in traditional, room-based video conferencing installations. We also offer:

Telepresence Compatibility

Video conferencing interoperability supports global standards for room-based systems compatibility including SIP/H.264 and H.323/H.264 for signaling and video; and SIP/BFCP and H.323/H.239 for signaling and screen sharing with systems such as Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize.

Attendee List

Attendee List

If any are present, all room systems appear under one ‘Room Systems’ group in the standard OmniJoin attendee list, grouping them with other attendees such as desktop and mobile users.

Attendee List

Address Book & Call History

In addition to manual dialing, we support Address Book and Call History to make it easy for meeting hosts to invite or call known room systems.

Address Book and Call History


Interoperability supports HD 1080p resolution up to 30 frames/second; and up to two room systems per OmniJoin conference instance.


Room Management

The OmniJoin online meeting host can right-click on any participating room system to check connection status details, control meeting privileges, or expel the room system from the online meeting.

Room Management
Place and Receive Calls

Place and Receive Calls

To call-out, an OmniJoin meeting host can select from a room systems’ address book, call history, or manually input a room systems’ IP address to initiate a connection. To call-in, an OmniJoin meeting host can generate a call-in IP address for a room system to call in.

Place and Receive Calls

System Requirements

OmniJoin interoperable video conferencing supports industry standard protocols for room systems, and connects with most standard Cisco, Polycom and Lizesize systems. You will also find a complete list on our Systems Requirements page:

If you want to know whether your specific room system is supported, contact us for the latest information on compatible room systems or to schedule a test conference with your room system.

SignalingSIP, SIPS, and H.323
Video codec/mediaH.264
Audio codec/mdiaG.711, G.722, G.722.1
Screen SharingH.239 when using H.323
BFCP when using SIP/SIPS
Data TransportRTP/RTCP and SRTP/SRTCP