OmniJoin Intelligent Video

OmniJoin Intelligent Video is a dynamic HD web and video conferencing technology that automatically responds to display screen sizes and the available bandwidth of OmniJoin users, helping to ensure that all participants receive the optimal video experience under widely varying network conditions and online meeting room layouts.

With this technology, you can seamlessly scale from low web resolutions to multipoint, full HD 1080p, making OmniJoin an ideal web and video conferencing service for businesses that administer both large and small online meetings.

Intelligent Video

What Makes Intelligent Video Different?

  1. Smart Resolution Dynamic resolution adjustment for maximum video performance
  2. Smart Layout Auto-adjustment on video feed layout when video feeds are added or removed
  3. Smart Rate An additional low-quality bit stream to help optimize video performance in low-bandwidth environments
  4. Multi-Monitor Support OmniJoin supports multi-monitor and complex workstations
Why use HD Video Conferencing

Why use HD Video Conferencing from OmniJoin

  • Meet face-to-face with remote teams and global customers virtually anytime and from anywhere with secure on-demand, HD video conferencing
  • Present in HD - Share documents, images, videos, files and applications, in a live sharing environment
  • Accelerate project timelines with HD video conferencing - Easily collaborate, engage with your teammates and avoid costly, unnecessary travel all from the comfort of your desk