See How OmniJoin Stacks Up Against the Competition

In today’s competitive market for web and video conferencing services, it’s important to not only provide the tools and features that users come to expect out of these products, but to also continuously innovate and improve in these areas in an effort to optimize the overall experience. OmniJoin is committed to meeting web conferencing standards while finding new ways to enhance how you leverage these technologies to meet smarter. See how OmniJoin web conferencing from Brother stacks up against competition.

OmniJoin is a WebEx and GoToMeeting Alternative

Shopping for web and video conferencing software doesn’t have to be difficult, but chances are you have already gone down this route and are not thrilled with the service you are using. If you are searching for a WebEx or GoToMeeting alternative for web and video conferencing then you are in the right spot. OmniJoin from Brother is helping businesses stay connected and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of business. When compared against GoToMeeting and WebEx, OmniJoin stands out above the rest.

Compare OmniJoin Web and Video Conferencing vs. WebEX vs.

Feature OmniJoin WebEx™ Meetings Center GoToMeeting™
Public and Private Deployment Models
Cloud Storage
Integrated Audio
Unlimited Meetings
In–Meeting Chat
Mobile Application
Video Attendees for Mobile
File Sharing
Attendee Lists
Outlook Integration
Free Customer Support
White Glove Support
Standard Remote PC Control
Multi-Screen Support
Individual Floating Video
1080p HD Video
Automatic Resolution Adjustment
Up to 20 Video Attendees
Customized Screen Layouts
Customized Meeting Templates
Meeting Modes
Standard MP4 Recordings
Selective Region Sharing
Available IM Client
  • User-Friendly Web and Video Conferences

    One of the areas where OmniJoin excels, is in how easy it is to host, manage and attend online meetings. Its simple browser-based interface allows users to quickly join a web conference and access a broad range of features in a meeting room customized by the host.

  • Collaboration

    OmniJoin takes online collaboration to the next level, delivering full–featured web conferencing, multi-party video conferencing, and a seamless live sharing environment that includes a large suite of productivity–enhancing collaboration tools.

  • Customization

    OmniJoin is the only web and video conferencing solution that offers pre-set modes that allow users to select a meeting format that is right for their specific online meeting prior to starting the meeting. These 1-click modes are designed to support particular types of online meetings, making OmniJoin the easy to use choice when looking for a WebEx and GoToMeeting alternative.

  • Security

    Every day sensitive information such as financial performance, customer information, healthcare records and more is shared via web meetings. To keep up with your industry’s specific needs, you need a video conferencing solution that is designed with security in mind. The OmniJoin Public Cloud is encrypted end to end to ensure security, or choose OmniJoin Private Cloud for custom performance and control.

  • Advanced Audio and Video Technology

    The most noticeable difference when comparing OmniJoin vs. Webex and GoToMeeting is its video sharing features. Nothing is more frustrating than joining an online meeting with sound issues, or not being able to clearly see the person on the other side. With OmniJoin’s advanced technology users can still get the feeling of a traditional face-to-face meeting from their PC or mobile device.

    OmniJoin Audio Technology:

    Multi-point, full duplex VoIP
    Acoustic echo cancellation
    Wideband audio encoding
    Multi-party VoIP synchronization

    OmniJoin High-Quality Video Technology:

    Full 1080p HD Technology
    Automated, real-time throttling
    Dynamic, scalable video coding

*All data was collected from Wainhouse Research, November 2014. All trademarks and registered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective companies.