Supported Devices

See the Brother Solutions Center

Supported Network Connections

  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • LTE

Supported Operating Systems

  • Android 4.4- Android 5.1.1


Situation Feature Availability
Before Meeting Presence availability No
Chat/Message No
Schedule a Meeting No (Available via portal page using web browser)
Join now No (Available via portal page using web browser)
Show My Meetings No (Available via portal page using web browser)
Join a meeting Yes
During Meeting Invite People* Yes
View the attendees list Yes
Join a meeting through VOIP or phone Yes
Change layout (video only/share only) Yes
Display document and video at the same time No
View shared content with annotations No
View files and handouts (View the files shared by others through files and handouts) Yes
View shared media No
View whiteboard No
Share documents from the cloud No
Share whiteboard No
Share browser No
Share media No
Share pictures taken by embedded camera on Android device No
Share file and handouts (Share file from cloud)* No
Annotation: Pointer No
Annotation Drawing No
Viewing of shared documents: Zoom in/out Yes
Chat (Private and Group) Yes
Change user level* No
[*] Features available only for Hosts, and attendees with privileges.

2. Join an Existing Meeting

Tap the OmniJoin icon to start the app.

The start screen appears. To enter a meeting, use your Meeting ID and Password (if needed).

Enter your meeting id

Enter your meeting password (if needed)

Tap to change your screen name (if needed)

Tap to join a meeting

Displays version information

3. Meeting Room

3.1 Entering a meeting room

If your meeting room is set to use OmniJoin Integrated Audio, the following screen appears:

Select the audio source you want to use during the meeting. (optional license is required to use this function) When finished, the meeting room screen appears.

NOTE: Android users on the Verizon or Sprint networks may not connect to the OmniJoin web-based data stream and dial in/dial me over the phone at the same time.

3.2 Use the Meeting Room Screen

Access to attendees, chat and files features.

Tap to invite people, check the meeting info, change video/audio settings and leave or end the meeting.

Shared/unshared open the camera preview dialogue box.

Share/unshare the video.

(unmuted/muted): (Displayed when meeting on phone) Mute/unmute the microphone.

Tap to switch view (share only/video only)

4. Share

4.1 Switch share*

When your screen is displaying shared files (not video) you can switch between different shares by tapping .

Tap to go back to the shared files view

Tap a shared file you want to display in the meeting room.

5. Use the attendees List

Hosts can change attendees' video and audio settings during the meeting.

Tap on the meeting room screen. The attendees list appears.

Tap to close the attendees list

Tap to change all attendees' video and audio settings*.

Lists attendees and their roles

Displays whether the video is shared/unshared

Displays whether the audio is unmuted/muted

Displays whether the sync view is activated/deactivated

6. Join a Chat

You can chat with the attendees during the meeting.

Tap on the meeting room screen, and then tap and select the attendees to share the chat. The chat screen appears.

Tap to close the chat screen.

Tap to display the chat you want when multiple chats are opened

Tap to delete a chat.

Tap to create a new chat.

Displays the chat.

Type chat message, then tap the Send button

7. View Shared Handouts

you can view shared files from other attendees in the meeting. tap on the meeting room screen. The files screen appears.

The files screen displays the shared files.
Tap to select a file.

To remove handouts from the share list, tap in the share list, and then tap to remove the handout file you want.