OmniJoin Puts IT in the Driver's Seat

Web conferencing includes many pieces of functionality geared to promote collaboration between users. These tools may include audio, video, file sharing and recording features - all aimed to provide a robust solution for remote working. However, when a company needs to limit capabilities of its web conferencing solution due to security policies and compliance standards, services often lack this deep level of control and customization.

Both the OmniJoin Public and Private Cloud solutions provide IT professionals with the ability to control such features and truly customize how users can interact with the service. By empowering IT to turn certain pieces of functionality on and off, it helps them comply with industry-specific regulations or their own internal IT policies.

Online Waiting Room


Set custom security policies, at the corporate admin and host level, to standardize the way your employees meet online:

  • Multiple Admin and Security Profiles
  • Extensive Account Password Policies
  • Basic and Advanced Branding Options
  • Reporting and Exports

Meeting Room Controls

Give your employees granular host controls so ensure only invited attendees can enter meeting rooms and only see what you want them to see:

  • Room, User and File Level Password Protection
  • Extensive Meeting Room Password Policies
  • Force Locked Meeting Rooms (i.e., require meeting room owner to attend)
  • Expel Attendees
  • Extensive Attendee Privilege Controls including Enable/Disable
  • Save Shared Documents
  • Print Shared Documents

Physical and Network Access Control

Deploy on-premise and optimize the performance and security of your web meetings:

  • Physical and Network Access Control Over On-Premise serves for more security*
  • Control Network Routers to On-Premise Servers for Higher Performance*
  • Built-in Network and Bandwidth diagnostics
  • User physical or virtual servers, built to your specifications*

Security Control

Integrate OmniJoin with your internal networks, and simplify the administration process:

  • TLS Encryption
  • Use your own security certificates
  • Directory Integration*
  • Single Sign On*
  • Extensive Feature Controls including Enable/Disable:
    • Remote Control/File Xfer
    • Recording
    • Content Storage
    • All Other Product Features
  • *Only available for the OmniJoin Private Cloud

Basic Branding

Within the OmniJoin admin interface, you can make some simple customizations to brand your login page, messages and emails by changing color themes and adding your own corporate logo.

Online Waiting Room
Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls

Advanced Branding

OmniJoin provides even deeper branding for custom portal pages. Create a login page for OmniJoin users with a portal that encompasses your brand’s image.

Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls