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The OmniJoin™ Private Cloud is a completely secure, on-premise web conferencing solution that provides you with all of the features and benefits of our public cloud service, but behind your firewall. By building a web conferencing service in a private cloud, we are able to offer you a solution that meets business’ organizational requirements and demands for security, compliance and performance.

Getting Started

A quick guide to setting up an OmniJoin™ meeting
Joining a conference call via email
Grant or Take Away Attendees' Privileges
How to schedule a meeting
Control attendees' audio or video
iPad Application Overview

How To

Host controls: lock a meeting
How to share your whiteboard during a meeting
How to add a new contact to your Instant Messenger
How to use the "chat" feature
How to edit files while sharing during a meeting
How to Adjust Video and Audio Settings
How to Share Your Desktop
How to Share Documents and Media Files
Manage attendees' Privileges
Setting Up Your OmniJoin™ Region and Language


If your OmniJoin™ software fails to start automatically, follow these steps
Strategies for dealing with poor audio quality in your meeting
Some strategies for improving video quality

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