How OmniJoin® Video Conferencing Works

Though extremely powerful, the OmniJoin® web conferencing service has been designed to be very easy to use. It has an intuitive user interface with simple desktop controls, and industry-leading collaboration tools.

You can find out how our web and video conferencing works and get started with OmniJoin® online meetings in just three basic steps.



Once you have created your OmniJoin® account, you will have two easy ways to sign into the website — either using your account information on our website, or bookmark the OmniJoin® login page.

Your OmniJoin® meeting “room” is ready to use as soon as your account is created... and your settings are easily customizable. You can adjust the screen layout and file sharing tools, set video quality levels for your meetings, and select your preferred default audio method. (These settings can also be adjusted “on the fly” during future meetings.)



Inviting contacts is a snap, and there are two ways to do it:

You simply set up the meeting, and add contacts. You can also decide if this is a regularly recurring meeting, as well as place files in the meeting “room” in advance.

Scroll through your Live Contact List and right-click to select people. You can meet with them in your meeting “room”, have a more casual text chat, or safely and easily transfer files to them. The choice is yours!



The vast suite of OmniJoin® collaboration tools helps you and your meeting participants share content easily and quickly. You can share everything from a view of your desktop, to Microsoft® Word® or PowerPoint® files, to live media and videos. Everything is displayed in real time, so you can be sure that everyone is seeing the same content at the same time.

And OmniJoin® collaboration technology lets you do more than just share and view files. You and your colleagues can annotate and edit them together. Want to save the marked up files locally, so you can review or print after the meeting? No problem. You can even hand out (transfer) files to a specific attendee at any time during the meeting.

The "Record & Playback" feature is optional, but available to all OmniJoin® users.

Hosts can easily record their meetings using custom record settings and store them in the OmniJoin® cloud. Learn more about Record & Playback

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