Video Conferencing Software & Pricing

See why web and video conferencing from OmniJoin® is a great choice. Learn about the various OmniJoin® offerings and compare prices.

Custom Attendee Limits

20 video faces

3 GB of cloud storage

Integrated Phone and VoIP Audio

Customizable email templates

Advanced IT administrative controls

Video capture card support

Online meeting registration

All Business Cloud features,

Installed behind your firewall on your servers

Single sign-on, directory integration

Meet most detailed security and IT policy requirements

Adhere to many compliance standards

Control storage location of shared documents and recordings

Control routing and meeting performance

*Cloud storage is not included as part of the OmniJoin® Private Cloud plan.

Individual Plans

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Single Host Plans

(A host can organize a web conference)

Basic And Pro Packages
Starting at $49*
per host/month

Up to 50 attendees

Up to 20 video faces

3 GB of cloud storage

Integrated Phone and VoIP Audio

Customizable email templates

Online meeting registration

* Additional fees may be incurred for teleconferencing minutes and record-and-playback storage that exceeds plan limits.

All specifications and pricing subject to change. Discounted annual licenses and multi-packs are also available.


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All editions include:

  • Secure, encrypted connections
  • Up to 1080p HD video
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Desktop App
  • Collaboration tools
  • Free customer support
  • Meeting recording
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices

Web and Video Conference Software and Pricing

Web and video conferencing software helps businesses across all industries stay connected, and keep up with ever-changing pace of business. By connecting people inside or outside of your company, online web and video conferencing software is changing the way people meet by reducing expenses, and increasing productivity while still maintaining the feel of a face to face meeting.

Why Choose OmniJoin® for Online Web and Video Conferencing?

OmniJoin® is a business-grade, secure online meeting platform with online video conferencing and web conferencing features you need to optimize your online meeting experience. Work more efficiently, improve productivity, and save money, time and hassles

User-Friendly Online Web and Video Conferencing Software

OmniJoin® makes it easy to host, manage and attend online web and video conferences. Its simple browser-based interface allows users to quickly join a web conference and access a broad range of features in a meeting room customized by the host

Online Web and Video Conference Software for the Security Conscious

Every day sensitive information such as financial performance, intellectual property, customer information and more is shared via online web and video conferences. The OmniJoin® Public Cloud is encrypted end-to-end to ensure security, or choose OmniJoin® Private Cloud for custom performance and control.

Take Back Control of Your Online Web and Video Conferences

Both the OmniJoin® Public and Private Cloud solutions provide IT professionals with the ability to control features and customize how users can interact with the service. By empowering IT to turn certain pieces of functionality on and off, it helps them comply with industry-specific regulations or their own internal IT policies.

Meeting Modes for All Your Specific Online Web and Video Conferencing Needs

OmniJoin® is the only web and video conference software that offers pre-set modes that allow users to select a meeting format this is right for their specific online meeting. These modes are designed to support particular online meetings. Video, audio, feature and layout settings will already be configured so selecting a meeting format for your OmniJoin® online web and video conferencing session is a one click process.


Video conferencing software is a must have in order to stay connected and conquer the geographic boundaries between corporate offices in today’s business environment, With OmniJoin® web and video conferencing software, you can now bring your teams together from anywhere and at any time with our online collaboration tools.

Online Web and Video Conferencing from Your Mobile Device

Take your online web and video conferences with you. With the OmniJoin® mobile application for iOS or Android you can allow your users to attend and host online web and video conferences directly from their smartphones or tablets.