OmniJoin® Video Conferencing for Manufacturing

Better Connections to All Parts of the Value Chain

Adapting to market changes and being accessible to your team, supply chain, vendors, and customers is critical to remain competitive in today’s market. OmniJoin® web conferencing from Brother helps our manufacturing customers stay connected and conquer the geographic boundaries between corporate offices, plants, contract assembly sites, field quality assurance staff, and customer locations.

OmniJoin® is a smart, secure enterprise-level solution for:

  • Providing more client, reseller, and employee training
  • Efficiently supporting off-shore manufacturing and outsourced operations
  • Improving project management and release-to-manufacturing processes with live web collaboration
  • Reducing inter-office travel expenses

OmniJoin® offers secure, cloud-based video conferencing, dynamic scalable video, and seamlessly integrated collaboration tools, all in one service. When implementing geographically dispersed manufacturing solutions, we provide on-demand video conferencing to virtually any location, over any network, including networks at customer sites and contract locations, giving teams flexibility and accessibility during crucial project milestones.

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Why OmniJoin® for Manufacturing

  • Convenient Collaboration and Project Management

    Allow distributed teams to seamlessly collaborate on projects using OmniJoin®. Share designs, RFPs, project timelines, data and analytics, process documents, videos, media files, and more. Have a one-on-one session or meet with a large group to make annotations on shared documents, whiteboard new ideas and brainstorm with colleagues and clients regardless of their location.

  • Create a Training Library

    Utilizing the Record & Playback feature, manufacturers can create a workforce training library to ensure that all employees are receiving the same message. Create training sessions on safety policies, company benefits, troubleshooting, and more. Training sessions can be stored in the secure OmniJoin® cloud for quick and easy access and distribution.

  • Meet the Needs of a Mobile Workforce

    The manufacturing industry often has employees in the field and in transit. OmniJoin® meets the needs of the mobile workforce with its mobile app. Communicate and collaborate on the go and enjoy a rich and complete meeting experience right from your compatible smartphone or tablet.

  • Easy Installation and Upkeep

    OmniJoin® is designed to be installed quickly– no specialized hardware necessary. Both users and participants alike will be up and running in minutes. There is always a meeting room available for users and the OmniJoin® online portal makes it easy to enter and manage your sessions. Plus all OmniJoin® plans include free customer support for any questions relating to the product or your specific account.

OmniJoin Meeting Modes for Manufacturing

One-Click Meetings Designed for You

Choose from a variety of preformatted conferencing modes designed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

  • Meeting: Smaller sized meetings
  • Session: Working sessions for collaboration on designs, RFPs and project timelines as well as sharing design applications such as AutoCAD® and other design tools
  • Design Review Presentation: "Webinar-style" meetings for trainings and larger project review sessions
  • Boardroom: Seamlessly connect to existing high-end conferencing hardware for a virtual boardroom meeting

Share AutoCAD® and other Apps

With the built in AutoCAD® share feature, OmniJoin for Manufacturing is ideal to share manufacturing project management applications, schematics, timelines and more. You also have the ability to customize your own ‘Share Design Apps’ button so you can easily share your most popular software applications.

OmniJoin for Manufacturing helps you keep your projects moving!

OmniJoin AutoCAD Share for Manufacturing

Training and Screening

If you have geographically dispersed clients, staff, suppliers, or resellers, web conferencing is a cost-effective alternative to in-office training, partner screenings, and other touch points. OmniJoin® can be a tool for onboarding new hires, demonstrating products, conducting recurring status meetings, and touching base with your business partners.

A Cost-Effective Way to Improve Business Relationships

Help improve communications with your clients, vendors, suppliers, and staff whether they are located on another floor, in the next town, or around the world. HD quality video and crystal clear audio deliver an exceptional meeting experience that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your meeting participants as if you were in the same room. Video conferencing gives the advantage of being able to see and gauge your audience’s reactions to discussion topics and receive real-time feedback.

To see for yourself, sign up for our 14 day free trial. You can also learn more on our video conferencing solutions overview page.


"…as WLCFS continues to grow and reach patients, OmniJoin® will be a vital component in providing reliable web conferencing for patient counseling and internal training."


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