OmniJoin™ for Medical Video Conferencing

Helping Patients and Providers Personally Connect in a Comfortable, Secure Online Setting

In response to growing demand from patients looking for quality care on-demand, healthcare organizations are now turning to cloud-based telehealth solutions to provide convenient, patient-centered care. OmniJoin™ is a secure cloud-based medical video conferencing solution that helps healthcare providers expand their reach through a comfortable, easy-to-access service, while still providing personal, quality care. Our customers can reduce the stress and inconvenience of staff and patient travel, without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

Through our highly-secure public cloud or your own dedicated private cloud, healthcare providers are able to create a telehealth solution that securely enables communication with patients, provide remote care, and conduct online meetings and training sessions in a glitch-free, HD video environment.

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Why OmniJoin™ for Healthcare

  • Transmit and Share Documents, Images, Videos, and More

    Make critical decisions faster and facilitate patient consultations, referrals, and staff training with easy sharing of reports, x-rays, and other images, data, video, and documents. With up to HD resolution, OmniJoin™ allows participants to see crisp, well-defined images and accelerate the consultation process.

  • Provider Education

    There is an ongoing need for education of physicians, nurses and other staff, and OmniJoin™ can facilitate these sessions, large or small, in a secure, virtual environment. If you choose, these sessions can be recorded and stored in a training library for future reference.

  • Simple to Setup and Maintain

    OmniJoin™ is simple to install for both you and patients. It is a turnkey telehealth platform that is easy to maintain – no special hardware is required.

  • Mobile App Gives You the Full Meeting Experience

    Get the full conference experience from your Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch®. Run a meeting, consult with colleagues, pre-screen and monitor patients, or attend a lecture, wherever you are.


Wherever healthcare and technology overlap, questions about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) inevitably arise. We understand and appreciate the importance of providing customers with services that comply with laws applicable to their business. With its high security standards, OmniJoin™ web conferencing exceeds the Technical Safeguards of HIPAA's Security Rule related to authentication and encryption, and helps you comply with your compliance obligations.

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Telehealth Case Study

Currently, OmniJoin™ is being used for telepsychiatry, group therapy, telenursing, remote clinic support, PACS, telepharmacy and in-home and remote doctor consults. View this case study to see how OmniJoin™ is helping support remote behavioral healthcare services.

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" has become one of the most successful of all the telemedicine applications... We have found web-based video conferencing to be an effective service-delivery method."

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