OmniJoin for Government Video Conferencing

Putting the Private Cloud to work for the Public Sector

The IT challenges faced by government agencies and the public sector continue to grow: security, aging infrastructure, inter-connected networks that have evolved over time, and budget pressures — all amidst increasing complexity and demand for services.

OmniJoin® web conferencing has been helping multiple government agencies — military, state, city and county — through secure, easy-to-manage video conferencing and real-time communications solutions. Some of our government video conferencing applications include:

  • Secure, online team meetings
  • C3 and civil defense media briefing centers
  • Online training and after-action debriefing
  • Court arraignments and depositions
  • Video visitation in prisons
  • Recurring travel reduction & inter-office meetings
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OmniJoin for Prisons and Courts

Jails, prisons and courts have used video conferencing hardware for assignment of counsel proceedings for a long time. With the growth of Internet access and VPNs, and especially low-cost A/V peripherals; desktop video conferencing is making its way into this once staid hardware-only market. For dramatically lower cost, these tax-payer funded organizations can get full-motion video using the same dedicated bandwidth as hardware-only solutions; or conversely, get quarter-screen video running over existing network connections and no incremental network expense.

Why OmniJoin for Government

  • Manage Costs

    OmniJoin® can help you manage costs by connecting with your current video conferencing equipment. Our cloud-based technology further helps to reduce CAPX costs through elimination of expensive infrastructure equipment such as MCUs, desktop gateways, and collaboration servers, all of which are already built-in the OmniJoin® cloud.

  • Easy Set Up

    Sign up for OmniJoin® and you can start using our web conferencing platform in minutes, not days or months. Participants have to simply click on a link to join the meeting. If they want to be on-camera, many standard third-party webcam or PC-based video conferencing equipment is compatible with the service. OmniJoin’s customizable user interface controls are easy to learn and use so less time is spent on learning the service, but free support is there to answer any questions you may have.

  • Scalable, Seamless Performance

    The OmniJoin® cloud is scalable and built to meet the needs of government agencies and organizations of all sizes. Whether you are holding an ad hoc meeting with one person or a regularly scheduled conference with an entire boardroom, you can be sure that you’ll be able to communicate and collaborate with security and confidence.

  • Meet More, Travel Less

    Help remove geographic constraints with OmniJoin® web conferencing. Conduct face-to-face meetings with people across different government departments and divisions without the complicated logistics and costs of traveling. OmniJoin® provides HD video, crystal clear audio, and the capability to easily share your screen, documents, presentations, videos, and other vital content. Support collaboration and boost participant engagement with tools such as whiteboarding and annotation over live applications.

Military-Grade Security with a Dedicated Private Cloud

Choose to deploy OmniJoin® on our FIPS-140 military-grade public cloud, or select the OmniJoin® Private Cloud deployment model to meet your data privacy and compliance requirements. Either way, count on a consistently secure online meeting experience thanks to a multilayer security model, encrypted TCP/IP connections, host authentication, multiple password controls, and the ability to turn features on and off depending on specific needs.

To learn more, reach out to our government conferencing experts or read more on our web conferencing solutions overview page.


"This cloud based solution presents a significant opportunity for courts and administrative agencies to add cost-effective evidence presentation to any location that has Wi-Fi internet capability."

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