OmniJoin™ Video Conferencing for IT

Support your Help Desk with OmniJoin™

Providing remote IT support and training between multiple locations can be made easier with video conferencing from OmniJoin™. Why limit a help desk to just phone calls? Our secure, cloud-based online meeting platform can handle virtually all IT department needs, from 1:1 troubleshooting to IT group training and internal meetings by extending the reach of your IT specialists.

Save time and help increase the efficiency of your team with this easy-to-install, IT-friendly solution that facilitates knowledge, training, and resource sharing through streamlined communications. Show – or make – software changes on-the-fly. With global reach to virtually any business desktop, companies of all sizes can deliver world class support using OmniJoin™.

Why OmniJoin™ for IT

  • Sessions Can Be Recorded, Stored and Played Back On Demand

    Your help desk or training sessions can be recorded for future reference, training purposes, error tracking, and issue duplication with the Record & Playback feature. Everything, including VoIP audio, multi-party video, and shared items are recorded and can be stored where you choose, including in the OmniJoin™ cloud.

  • Scalable Training

    OmniJoin™ is ideal for technical training, creating a rich, flexible, and interactive training experience no matter where your participants are located. Scale each training session as needed – train one person or an entire conference room. Using a real-time web conference for your IT training can increase participation and give trainers an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of each session.

  • Easy Installation and Upkeep

    OmniJoin™ is completely cloud based and simple to get started - no need to install bulky software, hardware or burden external users with complicated downloads. OmniJoin™ plans include free customer support to ensure every meeting runs smoothly.

  • IT Maintains Control

    With OmniJoin™, your IT department maintains control over platform installation, security, compliance, performance, administration, management, and ongoing maintenance.

Troubleshoot Remotely

OmniJoin™ gives you the capability to assist individuals - remotely. Help Desk representatives can troubleshoot virtually any computer capable of running OmniJoin™ using remote desktop control, screen sharing, file transfer, hand-outs and other built-in remote technical support tools.

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Security through Public or Private Clouds

OmniJoin™ offers two deployment models for its web and video conferencing service: our public cloud or your private cloud. This enables your business to have complete control over the level of security which will help you meet IT policies and other strict compliance requirements. Technical support can be conducted both inside and outside of the firewall, with the same safeguards and security. This means IT can use the same tool to troubleshoot on the next floor, or on the next continent.

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"I need to look my agents in the eye when I'm teaching them. With OmniJoin™ Conferencing, I can be in multiple geographies at once."

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*Cloud storage is not included as part of the OmniJoin™ Private Cloud plan.