OmniJoin for Construction Project Management

Using Web Conferencing to Keep Projects On Track

Construction projects move quickly, so it’s important that contractors, designers, engineers and projects owners have the ability to connect instantly, and with ease. OmniJoin web conferencing helps connect the visual and collaborative elements of these projects by enabling teams to join an online meeting, anytime, anywhere - in the office or in the field, and to communicate face to face in HD, share project management applications, designs, photos and more.

  • Review bid requests with management team
  • Share proposals securely for estimating
  • Project scheduling among the group
  • Share project documents and photos
  • View and mark up plans and drawings
  • Securely view purchase orders
  • Markup and annotate site plans and drawings
  • Manage and share documents with attendees
  • Record meetings for future reference
  • View project specifications as a group
  • Team communication, problem solving
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Stay Connected with Clients, Contractors and More

Effective Project Management

With the share application function, OmniJoin enables users to share your preferred project management and design software. Show project progress, adjust scheduling with stakeholders, make change orders with vendors and suppliers, and communicate directly with subcontractors. OmniJoin conferences don’t require attendees to have their own account, so including more participants is easy, and invites can be sent ahead of time or directly from your meeting room.

Use OmniJoin to share popular construction project management applications such as:

BuilderTREND Microsoft® Visio Procore℠ eSUB℠
ProContractor™ by Viewpoint™ Paskr Microsoft® Project Co-Construct

Web Conferencing without the Guesswork

Choose from a variety of preformatted conferencing styles designed specifically for construction professionals like you.

  • Meeting: Smaller sized video conferences
  • Working Session: Project working sessions for displaying and annotating plans as well as sharing design tools such as AutoCAD® and other design applications
  • Design Review Presentation: Larger "webinar-style" collaborations for reviewing critical project updates and bid requests
  • Boardroom: HD quality video and sharing for corporate meetings equipped with an in-room telepresence system like Cisco®, Polycom® and Lifesize®

OmniJoin Meeting Modes for Construction

OmniJoin AutoCAD Share for Construction

Share AutoCAD® and other Project Management Apps

With the built in AutoCAD® share feature, OmniJoin for construction is ideal to share project management applications, design plans, photos and more. You also have the ability to customize your own ‘Share Design Apps’ button so you can easily share your most popular applications, such as:

  • Microsoft® Visio
  • Microsoft® Project
  • BuilderTREND

You decide!

Meetings On-Demand

OmniJoin allows project stakeholders to meet virtually anytime, anywhere. Discuss contract revisions, purchase orders, plan changes and more with on-demand web conferences, using document sharing, application sharing, whiteboarding, annotations, file transfer, recording and the included cloud-based storage.

Mobility in the Field

OmniJoin is optimized to work with both your desktop/laptop and certain mobile devices. Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to have video conferences, collaborate on documents or take photos at the job site to share with your team. Also, access your OmniJoin cloud to store and retrieve data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Save Critical Discussions

With so many contributors involved in a construction project, it’s possible for details to be lost in translation or forgotten. Use OmniJoin to record important conferences with clients and partners, collaborate on meeting notes, and share or refer back to those discussions.

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"OmniJoin will be a valuable asset for both our sales and training teams. We are spread out over three states, so the ROI of saving time and money with our training programs is well worth the investment."

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