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In today’s competitive market for web conferencing and collaboration services, it’s important to not only provide the tools and features that users come to expect out of these products, but to also continuously innovate and improve in these areas in an effort to optimize the overall experience. OmniJoin™ is committed to meeting web conferencing standards while finding new ways to enhance how you leverage these technologies to meet smarter. See how OmniJoin™ web conferencing from Brother stacks up against competition.

Feature OmniJoin™ WebEx™
Public and Private Deployment Models
Choose between OmniJoin™ Public or Private Cloud depending on your needs.
Video Recording
Record a meeting session to your PC or in the cloud to share with others or to view later. Capture video attendees, shared screen and audio so no details of the meeting are lost.
Cloud Storage
Place files in the cloud to share with meeting attendees and back up recorded meetings for reference.
Integrated Audio
Use VoIP or add Dial-In features to your plan and control both directly from your OmniJoin™ meeting room.
Unlimited Meetings
Have as many web meetings as you want – no matter what OmniJoin™ plan you have!
In-Meeting Chat
Communicate with meeting attendees without interrupting the speaker.
Mobile Application
Take meetings with you using the free OmniJoin™ mobile app for iOS for virtually anywhere, anytime access.
File Sharing
Have handouts or files to share for your meeting? Upload to your meeting room, share and mark-up during your meeting, and store in the OmniJoin™ cloud.
Attendee Lists
See who has or hasn’t made it to your meeting, as well as if they have connected to audio.
Outlook Integration
Send meeting invites with Microsoft® Outlook directly from the OmniJoin™ interface.
Free Customer Support
Have questions about OmniJoin™ or need help setting up your meeting? We are here to help and at no additional cost!
White Glove Support
Want to have an OmniJoin™ expert online for your important web conferences? We can do that too – ask us how!
Video Capture Card Support
Display video from your current hardware that uses video capture cards.
Multi-Screen Support
OmniJoin™ web conferences can be arranged on multiple monitors and screens.
Floating Video
Detach video attendee screens to optimize your meeting layout.
1080p HD Video
Enjoy up to 1080p HD video for a best-in-class experience.
Automatic Resolution Adjustment
OmniJoin™ Intelligent Video recognizes meeting attendee’s connection strength then intuitively optimizes the video display quality to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.
Up to 20 Video Attendees
Don’t let your audience feel left out – host up to 20 video attendees with OmniJoin™ Pro.
Customized Screen Layouts
Select a meeting layout that meets your specific needs. Great for webinars and presentations. Even control attendee’s layout when you are the host!
Customized Meeting Templates
Save time and effort by creating specific meeting templates with all of your configurations saved and deployed quickly and easily.

*All competitive information was collected from public sources available as of 10/2013.

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