Web and Video Conferencing Technology

Powerful web and video conferencing technology for powerful meetings

OmniJoin® online meetings — while easy for meeting hosts and attendees to use — is one of the most powerful solutions available. It incorporates a wealth of industry-leading video conferencing technology, delivering excellent functionality, fantastic features, and state-of-the-art security over the OmniJoin® Public Cloud or the OmniJoin® Private Cloud installed behind your firewall. Whether you are a home office user or an IT professional, you will benefit from ingenious OmniJoin® technology, including:

  • Smart Computing / Distributed Processing

    OmniJoin® core performance is optimized through its use of today’s web and video conferencing technologies. This intelligent design makes the service efficient and enjoyable. The OmniJoin® solution is based on the following:

    • Cloud computing
    • Parallel processing (end-to-end)
    • Multimedia processor extensions
  • High-Quality Video Technology

    A wealth of cutting-edge features allow a boardroom-quality, multi-party experience for OmniJoin® users. You can see your colleagues clearly, and share and mark up files easily, thanks to excellent OmniJoin® video quality, which incorporates:

    • HD technology
    • Automated, real-time throttling
    • Dynamic, scalable video coding
  • Advanced Audio Technology

    High-quality audio, smoothly synched with attendees’ video images, makes OmniJoin® online meetings feel more like traditional, face-to-face discussions. That enhanced experience is made possible by a variety of audio technologies, including:

    • Multi-point, full duplex VoIP
    • Acoustic echo cancellation
    • Wideband audio encoding
    • Multi-party VoIP synchronization
  • Security Features

    The OmniJoin® solution provides an outstanding web and video meeting experience, but it does so in a highly secure, dependable way. You can choose to deploy OmniJoin® over the OmniJoin® Public Cloud or the OmniJoin® Private Cloud. The industry-standard security measures built-in to both OmniJoin® web and video conferencing technology deployment models include:

    • Multi-layer security model
    • Encrypted TCP/IP connections

    With the OmniJoin® Private Cloud service, OmniJoin® is installed behind your firewall on your servers. You’ll have access to additional security features such as single sign-on and directory integration that can help you meet strict industry compliance or data privacy regulations.

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