OmniJoin® Cloud Based Video Conferencing

Leverage the power of secure cloud based video conferencing and discover what OmniJoin® can do for your business.

OmniJoin® cloud based video conferencing delivers high-quality voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our highly secure cloud, transmitting all web, VoIP and video conferencing data over military-grade, end to end encrypted connections.

Our advanced cloud based video conferencing technology supports meeting flexibility, collaboration, scalability, and security.

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The public cloud web and video conferencing solution gives you access to:

  • Unlimited Meetings

    All plans allow you to have as many online meetings as you’d like with unlimited meeting duration.

  • Intelligent HD Video Technology

    Dynamic 1080p HD video quality backed by real-time throttling and scalable video coding provides a seamless, boardroom-quality meeting experience every time.

  • Collaboration Tools

    A robust suite of tools including pointing, annotation, white-boarding and highlighting, can be used while sharing live applications.

  • Free Mobile Application

    Never miss a meeting with the OmniJoin® mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

  • Cloud Storage*

    All OmniJoin® plans include at least 1GB of free cloud-based storage. Store documents, presentations, videos, session recordings, and more.

  • Multi-Monitor Video Support

    OmniJoin® supports as many monitors as your computer has available. You can share one monitor while watching video on another, which is especially useful for dual-monitor workstations, and in conference rooms, boardrooms, and training facilities.

  • Boardroom Hardware Compatibility

    OmniJoin® is compatible with a wide variety of standard A/V equipment to make small and large web conferences a success.

  • Free Customer Support

    All plans include free customer support. For larger scale web and video conferencing implementations, we also offer the OmniJoin® Complete Customer Care Program that provides an enhanced level of support for you and your users.

  • Quick and Easy Access

    Access our web and video conferencing in the cloud service anytime, anywhere whether you are on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Take Our Cloud Video Conferencing Service to the Next Level

Does your business need to comply with strict security or data privacy requirements? Consider OmniJoin® Private Cloud Video Conferencing which offers all the features and benefits of our public cloud based video conferencing service, but behind your firewall.

Why choose the OmniJoin® Private Cloud Video Conferencing

*Cloud storage is not included as part of the OmniJoin® Private Cloud plan.

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