OmniJoin™ Video Conferencing Features

OmniJoin™ is a business-grade, secure online meeting platform with the video conferencing features you need to optimize your meeting experience. Work more efficiently, improve productivity, and save money, time and hassles!

  • Use Our Public Cloud or Your Own Private Cloud

    One cloud-based service. Two deployment models. Choose what is best for your business.

  • Share Screen, Documents, Presentations, Videos, & More

    Share virtually anything accessible to your computer: entire screen, documents, presentations, videos, applications, or just a region of your desktop.

  • Military-Grade Security with End-to-End Encryption

    OmniJoin™ transmits all web, VoIP and video conferencing over encrypted connections end-to-end.

  • Intelligent Video – The Next Generation of HD Video

    OmniJoin™ Intelligent Video uses dynamic scalable video coding to deliver high-quality video over any connection type.

Public and Private Cloud Options

Choose your cloud. Public and private cloud options are available depending on your performance security and compliance requirements.

Public Cloud

Conduct unlimited meetings

Access collaboration tools

Store meetings and documents in the cloud

and more

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Private Cloud

Includes everything the public cloud offers plus:

Greater security data privacy options to meet your compliance requirements

Increased performance stability by using your own network

Advanced administration tools

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Advanced Technology

OmniJoin™ Intelligent Video

OmniJoin™ Intelligent Video responds to changes in display layout sizes and real-time bandwidth availability, ensuring all participants receive the optimal video experience under widely varying network conditions.

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Recording and Playback

OmniJoin™ conferencing hosts can easily record their meetings and store them in the OmniJoin™ service cloud. The Record & Playback web conferencing feature can be very useful for those who could not attend your meeting, for archival purposes, or for online training purposes for later playback on demand.

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Annotation and Whiteboarding Learn more

Collaborate in real time on documents and PowerPoint® presentations with whiteboarding and annotation tools such as highlighting.

Mobile App Learn more

With the robust OmniJoin™ mobile app, it’s just as easy to collaborate, host, and attend a meeting from your Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch® as it is from a desktop. Chat, markup files, and share documents, images and videos for a completely seamless meeting experience.


End-to-End Encrypted Connections

OmniJoin™ conferencing was designed for security-conscious customers, IT policy and HIPAA compliance, and multi-office networks. End-to-end encryption ensures transmission security and all online meeting hosts are authenticated.

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Granular IT Controls

Get up and running quickly with easy to learn and use UI controls for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Meeting Host Controls

    Meeting hosts can control conference security with passwords, password authentication and other technical measures.

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