OmniJoin™ Mobile Video Conferencing for Apple® iPad & iPhone

OmniJoin™ mobile web conferencing goes wherever you need it to go!

The OmniJoin™ web conferencing mobile app for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®*, allows you to communicate and collaborate while you are on the go.

Visit us on the App Store to download the app today

Visit us on the App Store to download the app today.

Why Go Mobile*?

Receive a full host experience, right from your mobile device! See colleagues clearly, share and markup files, play videos instantly, and chat using one app.

  • Attendees do not need to purchase OmniJoin™ to attend a meeting!
  • See up to 4 video faces using our Intelligent Video HD technology, feels like face-to-face.
  • Collaborate on documents, share images and videos, and chat.
  • Connect to audio using Wi-Fi or dial-in on the phone.
  • Easily customize your view to fit your meeting purposes.
Get Started Guides

Choose the one appropriate to your device and improve your OmniJoin™ mobile experience:

pdf Get Started on OmniJoin™ for iPhone®

pdf Get Started on OmniJoin™ for iPad®

*OmniJoin™ Mobile App Requirements:

iPhone:  iPhone 4S or later

iPad:  iPad2 or later

iPod Touch:  5th Generation or later

Internet connection:  Wi-Fi,3G,4G,LTE

Not all features of OmniJoin™ will be available while using the OmniJoin™ mobile app. NOTE: The mobile app is free to download. To HOST a meeting an active OmniJoin™ license is required.

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