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Truly Productive Online Meetings Through Web and Video Collaboration

Web and video collaboration enables you to experience all the benefits of an in-person meeting from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device; and so it comes as no surprise that video collaboration is becoming a critical tool for businesses across every industry.

OmniJoin takes online collaboration to the next level, delivering full–featured web conferencing, multi-party video conferencing, and a seamless live sharing environment that includes a large suite of productivity–enhancing collaboration tools. When you meet online, and use these features, you are able to better collaborate with remote teams, accelerate project workflows, and avoid costly, unnecessary travel.

Here are just a few of the reasons why companies choose OmniJoin’s Online Video Collaboration Software:

Share Desktop, Apps and Files

Choose ‘Share Desktop’ to show your entire screen, and flip back and forth between applications. Choose ‘Share Application’ to share only one, specific application with your attendees. Or, choose to share specific files from your computer or the OmniJoin cloud. See a video on sharing your desktop

OmniJoin for AECM has a built in AutoCAD® share feature, which is ideal for collaborative project review meetings and working sessions. You also have the ability to customize your own ‘Share Design Apps’ button so you can share your most popular software applications.

Pointing and Annotation Tools

Whether it’s a document, PowerPoint® presentation, spreadsheet or image file – OmniJoin's annotation tools enable teams to use different pointers, highlight areas on the page, draw shapes, and insert text notes for a robust collaboration experience.

See a video on marking up and editing files


Sometimes the best way to come up with a great idea is by starting with a blank page. That’s why OmniJoin offers a whiteboard function so teams can brainstorm on a clean slate!

Connect with Skype™ for Business

OmniJoin can easily start a web meeting from Skype™ for Business using the ‘OmniJoin Plug-in for Skype™ for Business.’ After installing the plug-in, you can quickly start a meeting, or mange your Skype™ for Business connection settings, from the Skype™ for Business interface. With this plug-in, there is no need to leave your instant messaging system when you want to meet or collaborate with your contacts.  

Download the Skype™ for Business datasheet

Lync plugin


In training or education situations, you often want to provide materials to your audience within the meeting room. With OmniJoin it couldn’t be any easier. Simply upload files to your meeting room for attendees to download during the session and avoid sending those annoying, bulky emails.

See a video on using meeting files

Cloud Storage

OmniJoin includes up to 3GB of standard storage to save files, handouts, recordings and more. Use the OmniJoin cloud to transfer large files to meeting attendees after an important meeting! And if you need more space, storage upgrades are available.

See a video on uploading files to the OmniJoin cloud

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