Online Collaboration Tools

Web collaboration tools offer point and click ease for sharing, recording, annotating, and more

OmniJoin™ takes online collaboration to the next level, delivering full-featured web conferencing, multi-party video conferencing, and a seamless live sharing environment that also includes a large suite of productivity- enhancing collaboration tools. When you meet online, and use these tools, you are able to better collaborate with remote teams, accelerate project workflows, and in general be a more effective employee – no travel required.

With OmniJoin™ online collaboration tools you can share virtually anything accessible to your computer: documents and presentations, applications, entire desktops or just a region. Plus, you get advanced tools such as white boarding, annotation over live applications, and even media file sharing. Play a product demonstration movie or training film during your online meeting while still continuing on with a live discussion. Everyone enjoys a “synchronous” experience, seeing and hearing everything at the same time.

In just a few clicks you will be able to take advantage of our easy to use collaboration tools. Once you begin sharing your desktop, application or file, our integrated toolbar will allow you to make markups and annotations for all attendees to see. Annotations are also supported during OmniJoin™ recordings so you don’t miss a bit of the meeting when you share or replay.

Collaboration Toolbar

  • Bring Teamwork and Collaboration to a New Level

    Having effective meetings is essential for professional success. With OmniJoin™ web conferencing, you can have a seamless exchange of ideas in a proactive work environment. OmniJoin™ will help save time and money, and create a positive and collaborative workplace – no matter where employees and team members are located.

  • Pointing and Annotation Tools

    Documents, as well as PowerPoint® presentations, can come alive with annotation. OmniJoin™ annotation tools can be used while white boarding, sharing documents and presentations, or while sharing live applications and desktop regions. The tool features include: pencil, line, highlighter, shapes, and a selection of pointer styles - so each attendee’s pointer can be identified.

  • Handouts

    When you go on the road and visit customers, you typically leave behind one, or many, handouts. Now, you can also distribute handouts at the beginning or end of your online meetings with the OmniJoin™ handouts tool. Upload and share presentations, documents, desktops, applications, regions, browsers, chat sessions, whiteboards, media files, and annotations — everything needed to support effective information sharing before, during, and after your meetings.

  • Share Media Files

    You can play almost any movie that your operating system's default media player can display. This includes most Windows® and Macintosh® media files such as WMV and MP4.

    Hosts can pause, play, and restart movies as needed. OmniJoin™ will synchronize everyone's experience, so that everybody is seeing the same thing at the same time. For those with adequate bandwidth, the movie will display in HD quality; otherwise OmniJoin™ will automatically scale and adjust the video quality within available processor power and connection constraints on a per attendee basis. Meeting hosts need not worry that one slow connection will ruin everyone else's experience.

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