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Audio Plans

OmniJoin® offers several options to conduct the audio portion of your meetings. Computer audio (VoIP) is included with your license at no additional charge. If you use a toll/toll-free number provided by OmniJoin or the dial-out feature during your conferencing, you will incur a charge.

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  • The computer audio (VoIP) plan requires an internet connection.
  • A toll-free phone plan provides your attendees with an OmniJoin-generated toll-free number.
Minutes Rate per minute Monthly Plan*
No Charge No Charge

*Monthly Plan minutes do not carry over.
Both domestic and international calls may incur charges.
Please note: Meeting rooms set to integrated audio (both VoIP and telephone) will be automatically changed to VoIP if inactive for over 60 days.


Meeting hosts: 1

Plan $512.00/Year

Audio plan: VoIP Only

Today's charge:$512.00

Plus tax if
required by your location.