Case Studies

Discover how businesses are using OmniJoin® to help teams communicate and collaborate over secure web conferences.

Category: Finance

  • Locally owned and operated bank with 120 employees spanning six locations

    ‘The Bank’ has over 120 employees spanning six locations. Video conferencing was critical for these employees to effectively collaborate with their colleagues working in remote branches. The challenge was that virtual meetings were an ad hoc approach as bank employees used a variety of low-cost or free online systems. Every time an employee wanted to deploy a video conference, IT would need to be notified to open and close the network, before and after each conference session, to ensure security safeguards. Read how the bank gained controlled of their video conferencing with the OmniJoin on-premise solution.

Category: Healthcare

  • Secure Telehealth
    Secure Telehealth is a Pittsburgh-based company that provides secure online services to the behavioral health community. The service is used by physicians to remotely connect with patients who are under supervision at dispersed locations. Secure Telehealth benefits its customers by making the country’s best physicians in their respective fields available to any patient regardless of their location – all via secure web conferencing.

Category: Finance

  • Farmers National Bank

    In 2010, Farmers National Bank was building its new main headquarters in Scottsville, Kentucky. They knew that they wanted to use a video conferencing solution within the new facility to easily allow the board of directors to connect during monthly meetings. While some members were in the office or could travel to the new site, some were located as far away as Nashville, Tennessee and a video conferencing solution would be an efficient way for them to join the meetings. Read how OmniJoin was able to help Farmers National Bank with secure, board of director meetings as well as improving internal communications.

Category: Government

  • The Center for Legal and Court Technology

    Although technology-augmented trials are generally viewed as desirable, ordinarily they are dependent upon sophisticated and expensive courtroom technology infrastructure. Given sharply limited court budgets, many courts simply can’t afford the technology and the technology infrastructure that would improve both the administration of justice and efficiency. Brother OmniJoin offers court systems a low annual fee, nearly 10-times less than other video web conferencing providers without sacrificing any of the high-definition video or audio quality.

Category: Transportation

  • Bulk Transportation
    Since launch, Bulk has expanded their use of OmniJoin® to support their entire on-boarding process, including new hire orientation, DOT regulation training, company policy review and OSHA regulation training, all of which are required before an employee can be released for duty. Bulk used to fly each new employee to their headquarters for orientation. Now, they conduct orientation at their remote terminals by uploading the new hire paperwork to OmniJoin prior to training. This entire process takes a minimum of five days, and by conducting the process remotely, Bulk has seen significant travel cost savings.

Category: Healthcare

  • Arthritis Research Canada
    Arthritis Research Canada is a multi-disciplinary research organization comprised of doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals. Using OmniJoin®, ARC collaborates with research partners from around the world to develop new treatment programs for arthritis. ARC then connects with arthritis patients via web conference to share research findings, consult treatments and counsel anybody in search of ways to manage this chronic disease.

Category: Healthcare

  • University of Montana
    The Big Sky Aphasia Program is a clinic based at the University of Montana, located in Missoula, Montana. The clinic delivers a variety of aphasia services including comprehensive evaluations, traditional and intensive therapy, and community aphasia groups. These services are delivered both in-person, and remotely via web and video conferencing. This remote therapy is called “telepractice,” which is the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of speech language pathology and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client/patient or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation.

Category: Healthcare

  • Wisconsin Lutheran Christian Family Services
    Wisconsin Lutheran Christian Family Services (WLCFS) is an organization dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families address their emotional challenges and promote healthy relationships through a range of counseling services. The WLCFS staff consists of licensed therapists (counselors, social workers, and psychologists) with extensive post-graduate training who provide their services either in-person, or by video conference through their Member Assistance Program reaching patients in countries around the globe.

Category: Education

  • The School of Practical Philosophy
    The School of Practical Philosophy began in New York City, but as their message spread and demand for courses grew, they wanted to make those lessons available in new physical locations, as well as online. Those interested in the courses wanted an opportunity to take them from the comfort of their own home in areas where physical classrooms were not available, or when hectic schedules simply did not provide a realistic way for people to take advantage of the school’s class schedule. In an effort to address those student requests, the school began exploring web conferencing as a vehicle to bring the curriculum into the homes of more people not only across the United States, but around the world. The school began offering OmniJoin® predecessor Nefsis web conferencing to its teachers to administer courses in 2007, and migrated to using OmniJoin® as its web conferencing provider in 2012.

Category: Sales

  • Thompson Trucks
    Thompson has eight branch locations, with a dispersed sales staff as well as remote teams in the field. They had been using audio conferencing services for their meeting needs, but recently recognized the need for a video and web conferencing solution since staff wanted to be able to have video chats with internal colleagues at other branches, as well as the ability to share documents, presentations and desktops. They had also uncovered a need for a tool to provide and record remote training to employees, and realized a web meeting solution could address all of these issues.