OmniJoin™ File Size Limitations

Live Contact List/ OmniJoin™ IM File attachments in messages 5 MB
File Transfer 5 MB
Meeting Shared Files and Handouts 15 MB
Shared PowerPoint® files

100 MB. In addition, there is a load time limit of 10 seconds. The presenter's computer must be able to load the PowerPoint file or document within this time limit.

Both shared PowerPoint files and documents also have errors when the following things occur:

• The file is a protected document or has access limitations.

• For PowerPoint files: More than 200 slides

• For Word™ documents: More than 2000 pages

• For Excel™ files: Printed pages total more than 1000 pages

To share these types of files and documents, unlock the access limitations or reduce the pages.

Documents must adhere to their file type format, i.e., corrupted or malformed files may not be shareable. Generally speaking, if the document can be printed, it can be shared in an OmniJoin meeting.

Shared documents
Shared media files

(Large media files may not be shared depending on network condition or operating system)

Media files must adhere to their file type format with customary metadata (media track info) in their header.

Remote File Access Unlimited, as it is a person to person transfer and is bandwidth limited by time instead of by size.
My Account web portal page Meetings 15 MB
My Files The limit depends on how much space remains allocated to your content storage subscription (CSlicense).

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