Compatible Video Conferencing Hardware

Compatible Equipment

OmniJoin™ web conferencing can be used by individuals, in large boardrooms, classrooms and everything in-between. To support that level of flexibility, OmniJoin™ technology has been developed to support most types of peripheral equipment, including the devices listed below running under Microsoft® Windows®Vista, 7, and 8.

OmniJoin™ software and online services also support Apple® built-in audio and video devices for Mac® mini, Mac Pro®, and MacBook®.

USB Webcams PTZ Cameras Video Capture Cards
Brother NW‐1000 Sony® EVI-HD1 Hauppauge® WinTV-HVR-1850
Microsoft® HD LifeCam Cinema Sony® EVI-D70P Hauppauge® WinTV-HVR-1250
Microsoft® HD LifeCam 3000td Vaddio™ ClearVIEW HD-18 Aja Kona® LHi HD
Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C290 VDO 360 USB PTZ camera BlackMagicdesign Ultrastudio express
Logitech® HD Pro C910 Logitech® CC3000e BlackMagicdesign Decklink SDi
Logitech® QuickCam Pro 9000 Sony® EVI-HD7V
Microsoft® HD LifeCam Studio
Logitech® BCC950
Logitech® C930e
Logitech® QuickCam Orbit AF
FaceVision TouchCam N1
Logitech® WebCam C905
USB Speakerphones USB Headsets Wireless Audio Devices (Bluetooth)
Brother VT-1000 Plantronics® Audio 470 USB Revolabs® Solo Solo desktop
Logitech® BSP420 USB Speakerphone Logitech® USB Headset 390 Logitech® ClearChat PC Wireless™
Phoenix Audio DUET PCS Microsoft® LifeChat LX-4000 Plantronics® Audio 995 Wireless Headset
Phoenix Audio DUET EXECUTIVE Jabra UC Voice™ 550 USB Headset Plantronics® PLT Legend
Phoenix Audio Quattro 3 USB (MT 301) Yamaha® YVC-1000
ClearOne CHAT® 50
ClearOne CHAT® 150 USB
Plantronics® Calisto 620
Yamaha® YVC-1000

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