Training is one of the most popular uses of the OmniJoin™ service. Remote training sessions such as product training, sales training, safety compliance, mandated regulatory training - all can be conducted online using OmniJoin web and video conferencing from Brother. It is one of the best ways to teach staff and train clients with cost-effective, real-time results.

You will help increase participation and be able to watch employees’ reactions to better gauge effectiveness of knowledge transfer when compared to pre-recorded or audio training sessions. No flying or driving required - it’s just as if the class was held in a physical conference room.

Our customers choose the OmniJoin service because it is feature rich and flexible:

  • Customizable user interface allowing trainers to use a wide variety of teaching styles
  • Enhanced collaboration tools to share documents, applications, and desktops with all attendees
  • Play product demo movies, audio clips and rich media files (WMV) during class, fully synchronized with everyone's audio and video participation
  • Record sessions for employees who are unable to attend, or to build-out a training library

After your training session is complete, you can use OmniJoin cloud storage to create a training library, which you can control and customize with passwords and expiration dates.