Are you still limiting your technical support to phone calls? Do you know how much more interactive and productive your help desk representatives could be if they worked with customers online?

Organizations can use OmniJoin™ technology at the help desk to conduct interactive support calls — for both internal and external customers — through online meetings. Help desk representatives can troubleshoot virtually any computer capable of running OmniJoin services using remote desktop control, file transfer, hand-outs and other built-in remote technical support tools

OmniJoin web conferencing has been built to support your help desk representatives:

  • Conduct technical support both inside and outside of the firewall, with the same safeguards and security. This means they can use the same tool to troubleshoot on the next floor, or on the next continent.
  • Simply ‘click’ to run OmniJoin’s dynamic, web-based activation - no need to install new software, and no need to instruct external customers to install remote control software
  • Unlike typical remote control products which are permission-optional, the OmniJoin service is a completely interactive product, it requires that customers be at their computer to give permission before the help desk representative can control their desktop
  • OmniJoin web conferencing allows different degrees of control: individual application, individual display (if the customer is using two or more monitors) or entire desktop. At all times, the customer can terminate the remote session and stop granting control.

Just as OmniJoin conferencing provides for recording video conferences and online meetings, it allows recording of technical support calls for later reference and for training purposes through our OmniJoin cloud storage.