Face-to-face meetings with existing and prospective customers can be vital to sales success. OmniJoin™ technology lets salespeople “meet” anytime with their clients, without the logistics and cost associated with travel. From a simple “just checking in” video chat to a more formal group presentation, OmniJoin™ conferencing features yield a fantastic online experience.

With OmniJoin web conferencing, you can conduct highly professional sales pitches without leaving the office through a single service that offers video-conferencing, instant messaging, and screen-sharing. These capabilities make you more accessible to your customers – so that you can be a trusted advisor and not just a vendor.

OmniJoin web and video conferencing allows sales team to:

  • Reach more customers, especially those in remote locations
  • Use high-quality video to help become more memorable among prospects
  • Use online meetings and training to help gain more customer loyalty and long-term relationships