In recent years, healthcare organizations have increasingly turned to technology to help improve patient care through secure and efficient cloud-based services. This use of technology to provide remote care has been rightly named Telemedicine.

OmniJoin™ web and video conferencing helps our healthcare customers expand operations and cut delays through telemedicine initiatives, while reducing staff and patient travel expenses, all through a secure cloud-based service.

Currently, the OmniJoin™ service is being used for telepsychiatry, group therapy, telenursing, remote clinic support, PACS, telepharmacy and in-home and remote doctor consults. These specific uses are all in addition to the standard OmniJoin applications such as secure interoffice staff meetings and safety compliance training inherent in the service.

We understand security is a concern both during online patient interactions and internal meetings. OmniJoin™ web conferencing was designed with security conscious Healthcare organizations in mind by including features such as:

  • IT staff can set key length and encryption standards (SSL/TLS connections)
  • Allowed use of the customer’s certificate
  • Integrate with the customer’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Settings that force all conference connections to be SSL/TLS secured

Customer Success Story: Learn how our customer, Secure Telehealth, is using the OmniJoin service to serve as a virtual meeting room between patients and healthcare professionals.

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